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Danny Gokey – My America | Download Mp3 & Lyrics


Danny Gokey – My America (Audio & Lyrics)

‘My America’ by Danny Gokey is a powerful song for the American dream and statutes. As independence day draws close, Danny releases this masterpiece to remind us of what the nation stands for.

Danny Gokey is a renowned American gospel musician and songwriter who hails from Milwaukee, Winstons in the U.S.A. He has been consistent in the gospel niche releasing songs that have been accepted globally and he is well known.

AUDIO: On this page, you can download this new song by Danny Gokey titled “My America” below in mp3 format.




Lyrics: My America by Danny Gokey

I hear them say our country’s far too gone
Even claim, our fathers got it wrong
But I won’t give up on us and I’ll take a stand
Cause we can overcome, this is not the end

I still believe in us, Oh America
You’re still the land I love though a little bruised up
Stars and Stripes still cry Liberty
Over evil over tyranny
Blood poured out
For our freedom
Sacrificed it all for this nation
I still believe in us
My America

Our history is full of bravery
Heroes fought for our equality
Now is the time to make peace and forgive our faults
Because United we stand or divided we will fall

America! America! God shed His grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea

I’ll always believe in us, my America
This is the land I love but we gotta heal up
Lady Liberty will always be a sign of hope unto the refugee
The immigrant can find escape from oppression to a better place
I still believe in us
I still believe in us
I still believe in us
My America, Our America



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