Mountain Top Life MFM Devotional

MFM Daily Devotional 17 July 2021 (PMCH)

MFM Daily Devotional 17 July 2021 (PMCH)

MFM Daily Devotional 17 July 2021 (PMCH)

MFM Daily Devotional 17 July 2021 (PMCH)


Mountain Top Life MFM Daily Devotional 17th July 2021 Devotional Message By Dr D.K Olukoya


Fire Scripture: Gen. 22:1-18


Sacrificial giving is an act of showing how much you love God and how important He is to your life. Giving sacrificially is a painful act towards a personality you reverence and respect. It is when you displease yourself to please God. Sacrificial giving is the road to spiritual power. If you want God’s power give sacrificially. There is no greatness without sacrifice. Whatever you give to God and you do not feel the pain is not a sacrifice.


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David said he would not give any offering to God that cost him nothing (2 Sam. 24:24). Sacrificial giving is not only when you give a huge amount of money. Rather, it is measured with what remains in your hand after the giving. Jesus told His disciples that all those who put offerings in the offering bags gave out of their abundance, but the woman that cast a penny gave all she had (Lk. 21:4) Sacrificial giving is an unusual, uncommon, painful and outstanding giving to attract God’s attention towards you like the woman in Lk. 21:4.

MFM Daily Devotional 17 July 2021

It is the act of giving or surrendering something of value for the sake of getting something of higher value. Sometimes giving sacrificially may look senseless to you. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son that took him years to get. Not only that, it was the same son whom God promised that he would so bless that Abraham and his seeds would be too numerous to count. This same Isaac was asked to be given up as a sacrifice. It looked senseless but God was just testing Abraham’s obedience.

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Obeying God is often a struggle because it may mean giving up something we truly value. This time Abraham’s obedience was prompt and complete. Sacrificial giving is dangerously inconvenient. It must be done in faith. Sacrificial giving is sowing. A farmer who failed to sow good seeds will have nothing to harvest when the time comes. Sow bountifully into the Kingdom of God so that you can reap bountifully (2 Cor.9:6) Do you want to be highly blessed? Then give sacrificially. Remember givers never lack.

MFM Daily Devotional 17 July 2021 (PMCH)

Memory Verse: LK. 21:4 – “For all these have their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God, but she of her penury hath cast in all the living she had.”

Motivational Quote: The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

Prophetic Word: The seed of your giving shall produce hundredfolds for you, in the name of Jesus.

HYMN: There Shall Be Showers of Blessing

1. “There shall be showers of blessing”
This is the promise of love;
There shall be seasons refreshing,
Sent from the Saviour above.

Showers of blessing,
Showers of blessing we need;
Mercy drops around us are falling,
But for the showers, we plead.

2. “There shall be showers of blessing”
Precious reviving again;
Over the hills and the valleys,
Sound of abundance of rain.

3. “There shall be showers of blessing”
Send them upon us, O Lord;
Grant to us now a refreshing,
Come and now honour Your Word.

4. “There shall be showers of blessing”
O that today they might fall,
Now as to God we’re confessing,
Now as on Jesus we call!


1. Lord, create in me the spirit of understanding for giving to Your kingdom’s work, in the name of Jesus Christ.
2. I enter into Abraham’s covenant of limitless blessing, in the name of Jesus Christ.
3. Lord, create in me the spirit of compassion for the poor and the needy, in the name of Jesus Christ.

4. The devil shall not harvest the fruits of my labour, in the name of Jesus Christ.
5. The devil will not deny me of the fruits of my sowing into God’s kingdom, in the name of Jesus Christ.
6. O Lord, bless me beyond my imagination, in the name of Jesus Christ.
7. I refuse to hold on to my seed of blessing, in the name of Jesus Christ

Bible In One Year: Psalms 106; Psalms 107

MOUNTAIN TOP LIFE is a daily devotional by Dr D.K Olukoya (General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries, Worldwide)


Accept Jesus Christ today and secure a life of eternal rest and Glory …

Say this 1 Minute Prayer 

Lord Jesus, I believe you died for my sins, Forgive me of all my iniquities. I accept you as my Lord and Saviour from today and forevermore. Come and Be the Lord of my life and I am willing to obey your command and live according to your will as you help me, Thank you for accepting me into your fold. AMEN

JOHN 3: 3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

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