Home Healthy Living 7 Mistakes To Avoid While Mixing White Bali Kratom In Your Food

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Mixing White Bali Kratom In Your Food

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Mixing White Bali Kratom In Your Food
7 Mistakes To Avoid While Mixing White Bali Kratom In Your Food

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Mixing White Bali Kratom In Your Food

Southeast Asia is known for its lush green forests, and in these forests, there grows a tree whose leaf extract has become highly popular recently. The name of the tree is Mitragyna speciosa. Cultivators use these kratom leaves to prepare the products.

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Due to its easy availability and some speculated potential benefits, the extract has been in great demand in the USA and its adjoining countries. However, there is ongoing research on the said benefits of white kratom products. This article will discuss the white Bali kratom boosting effects and seven things you should remember when mixing it with your food.

What Are The Different Kratom Strains That You Can Add To Your Food?

Different strains are available under three primary colors – red vein kratom strains, green vein, and white vein kratom. These broad strains are subdivided into strains from the region they were sourced from. For example, a red kratom from Borneo is known as red Borneo kratom.

There are two more kratom types available yellow strain and bentuangie kratom. However, these kratom types aren’t as popular as the other strains.

Red Kratom

It is the most potent kratom extract among all other varieties because it has the highest alkaloids. The main alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine make them the most potent kratom strains, and only experienced kratom users should take them.

Examples of red kratom strains include red Borneo kratom and red maeng da, the most robust kratom strain among all other kratom strains.

Green Kratom

Green kratom comes from kratom leaves which are semi-matured. However, these leaves contain an optimum or balanced alkaloid level that helps the users enjoy kratom’s effects peacefully.

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An example of a green kratom strain is the green Malay strain, one of the most popular green strains.

White Kratom

White strains come from leaves that haven’t matured enough. Generally, these leaves don’t have the same robustness as the other strain color but are appropriate for beginners. However, some strains under white strains also show great results.

Examples of white kratom strains include white Bali kratom and White Sumatra kratom.

White Kratom
White Kratom

What Is The White Bali Kratom Strain?

White Bali kratom is one of the best white strains in the industry. It comes from the Indonesian islands of Bali. The workers on this island are known to chew raw kratom leaves to enjoy the benefits. Many reputed kratom vendors sell the variety in various forms like powders, capsules, gummies, etc.

Although it’s potent effects and biochemical benefits are debatable, white Bali kratom has more alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine than other strains in the white kratom category.

The Mistakes You Should Avoid When Mixing Kratom With Your Food

When mixing white Bali kratom in your food, remember the following points to enjoy quality results.

Not Knowing The Right Strain For You When Mixing Kratom With Your Food

It is essential to know what is the right strain for you. If you consume something too potent, you might not enjoy the experience as a beginner. On the other hand, if you use white strains to add to your kratom brownies or other beverages as a seasoned user, you might fail to get the desired experience again.

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Thus, the effects you wish to feel directly depend on what strains you consume and at what dosage. Thus, choosing the correct strain for your food is essential.

No Proper Research On The Source Of The Product Before Mixing It With Your Food

It would be best to research where the kratom comes from before mixing it with your food. If it says authentic white Bali kratom, then the company or the kratom vendor should be shipping the raw leaves from the Indonesian island of Bali itself.

If the vendor is sourcing its kratom from some US state, you should be aware of the vendor because it may be engaged in fraudulent activities and demand quality certificates.

It is one of the several reasons experts say shopping from a reputed kratom vendor is the best way to go because these vendors source their kratom leaves from southeast Asia and do their manufacturing and packaging here.

In addition, these vendors have strict guidelines to follow and have their reputations at stake, which won’t allow them to do such fraudulent activities. Thus, when shopping for white Bali kratom strain, check if the leaves come from Bali and only buy from that vendor.

No Consultation With The Healthcare Professionals Before Mixing The Strain In Your Food

Before mixing any additive, like white Bali kratom strain, in your food item, you should know what its impacts can be. Most kratom vendors mention that if you are pregnant or someone has medical conditions beforehand, you should stay away from the extract or contact your health professional to get advice on whether you should consume the product and your dosage. It is a disclaimer on their websites if you don’t follow these.

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Thus, getting yourself certified by a health practitioner that you are healthy enough to handle the effects of kratom is the best way forward. You should also remember that if you don’t know your dosage, you can consult a healthcare expert, and they will recommend a dosage. Thus, you shouldn’t take a risk on something which has effects on your body and may turn out to be risky.

Not Checking The Expiry Date Of The Product Before Mixing It In Your Food

All herbal products, like white Bali kratom, come with an expiry date; you should be aware before mixing it with your food. Kratom loses its potency and effectiveness over time if not stored properly.

You won’t be able to enjoy the same effects from kratom products that are one year old and the products that have been purchased recently. For your information, if you wish to increase the longevity of the extract, you should store them in a cool and dry place and keep the products away from direct sunlight.

Even when trying to buy the products, you should check the labeling for the expiry date. If you buy products over a year old, you should immediately discard them because they may harm your body. Thus, you should always check the product’s expiry date before buying or consuming the extract.


Mixing Kratom With Other Drugs In Your Food

When adding anything other than kratom to your food, you should know what the consequences can be. Various artificially created drugs cause harmful effects on the body, like addiction and a tendency to abuse the substance. However, kratom, an herbal product, doesn’t have these properties and isn’t addictive.

Unfortunately, it is a common observation that to boost the effects of kratom; many people mix the extract with different drugs that interfere negatively with the opioid receptors and cause various side effects. Thus, you should know what you mix in your food items alongside kratom.

Consuming Kratom Products Without Lab Tests Mixed In Your Food

Before mixing the strain in your food, you should focus on buying white Bali kratom products with third-party lab reports. Lab tests mean clinical risk evaluation, and all reputed kratom vendors carry out these evaluations in an independent third-party laboratory.

It is a guideline under different agencies that vendors selling kratom products must test their products in independent laboratories to check if harmful microbes and metallic substances like arsenic are present in the product.

It is one of the reasons why you should buy kratom from AKA-approved kratom vendors. The AKA or the American Kratom Association deals with creating guidelines that kratom vendors should follow to get the association’s certification. An AKA certification is highly reputed and shows that the vendor strictly follows all the kratom rules and manufactures the products with utmost care.

What Is Kratom?

Not Knowing The Dosage When Mixing The Strain With Your Food

When mixing any herbal product, like white Bali kratom, in your food, you should know the kratom dosage because it is one of the most vital things to remember when consuming the extract. It helps you know how much kratom your body will be able to handle. There are three categories of dosage – low dose, moderate dose, and high dose.

If you are starting with kratom, you should start with low doses. These lower doses of kratom will let your body adjust to a new and foreign substance being added to the body.

People with an intermediate level of experience may stick to moderate doses. A moderate dose will produce the required effects but not cause overdosing or consumption beyond one’s capacity.

Kratom Overdose

Only experienced users should dose at high levels. Extremely high doses of kratom may lead to kratom overdosing. Anything beyond ten or eleven grams is an overdose that may lead to adverse effects. Thus, one must see the kratom exposure levels because high levels may lead to unwanted effects.

Can Kratom Be Linked to Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms?

People used to consume synthetic and opioid-like products for chronic pain relief, to treat depression, treat anxiety, and increased energy and focus, leading to substance abuse and drug addiction. When people consume these substances regularly for a long time, it leads to opioid withdrawal symptoms.

However, kratom is different because it is an herbal extract from plants. As the extract comes from plants, it doesn’t overstimulate the receptors, and you feel the positive effects of kratom.

Final Words

Finally, mixing kratom strains like green vietnam kratom strain with your food is an excellent choice to enjoy the effects. However, there are multiple things that you should keep in mind. First, you should always buy kratom from reputed vendors only after researching and not just relying on other pages and their reviews.

You should also check online customer reviews and their testimonials, check if the vendors have AKA recognition, the source of the raw leaves is authentic, and the vendor sells genuine and high-grade products. It would help if you remembered that there are many other ways of taking kratom apart from mixing it with food items, and those ways of kratom usage are more effective and time-saving.

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