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About Us

About Us

ThePreachersPortal established July 21, 2020, as a portal for everyone who seeks an informative, educative and inspirational platform and online community. Here, you can share thoughts, ideas, opinions and also get exclusive messages, books, sermons, and music from Anointed Ministers of God.

Our Mission

A Mission To Spread The Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ through teachings and words of Revelation by the Inspiration of The Holy Spirit…

Our Mandate

A mandate to reach out to the world with a genuine, and purpose-driven message of salvation in teachings,  praise and worship songs and chants, Books, Sermons, Tracts, and every other means to reach out to souls.
However, With the knowledge of Christ in Us and the Revelation of His Power and Love we are set to deliver the World from the dominion of Satan, who has captured multitude with music as his key, and false teaching as a tool, and to bring to the World The PREACHER’S PORTAL, through the inspiration of The HOLY SPIRIT