Kirk Franklin, Maverick City Lead Whoopi Goldberg To Worship On ‘The View’ 2022

Kirk Franklin, Maverick City Lead Whoopi Goldberg To Worship On ‘The View’ 2022

Kirk Franklin, Maverick City Lead Whoopi Goldberg To Worship On ‘The View’ 2022

Kirk Franklin, Maverick City Lead Whoopi Goldberg To Worship On ‘The View’ 2022

During an appearance on “The View” Monday, Whoopi Goldberg joined worship ensemble Maverick City Music and gospel icon Kirk Franklin in singing and dancing.

Maverick City Music and Franklin were invited to an ABC special commemorating Juneteenth. Juneteenth is a federal holiday in the United States that commemorates the emancipation of the last enslaved African Americans in Texas on June 19, 1865. It was established last year.

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The performers led the crowd in worship to their new song, “Kingdom.”

“Lord, let your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Until everyone’s free, no one is free,” Franklin said at the top of the performance while sitting behind the piano.

Naomi Raine, Chandler Moore and Brandon Lake of Maverick City Music led the verses, accompanied by a choir and Franklin. As the song progressed to the bridge, Goldberg and the other co-hosts of the daytime talk show were seen clapping along to the music.

Kirk Franklin, Maverick City Lead Whoopi Goldberg To Worship On ‘The View’ 2022

“If you want to know what Heaven looks like / ​​looking like me and you / if you want to know what Heaven sounds like / Just let it fill the room,” they all sang.

Before breaking for a commercial, Franklin invited Goldberg on stage. They were also joined by 10-year-old viral sensation Jordan Hollins. The EGOT recipient danced with Franklin as Raine sang the lyrics to the song with her. Goldberg smiled as she was immersed in the experience. 

“Kingdom” is the featured single from the album KINGDOM Book One by Maverick City Music and Franklin.

The worship group, which recently won its first Grammy, and the 16-time Grammy winner Franklin were joined by 1,300 Florida prison inmates for their new album. They hope to highlight justice amid the many injustices seen in the media.

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Available everywhere via Tribl Records and Fo Yo Soul Entertainment/RCA Inspiration, the 11-track project was recorded entirely from the grounds of the undisclosed Florida prison.

At a Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin concert in Orlando earlier this month, Franklin apologized to an audience of thousands for the lack of love displayed by his generation of the Church.

Kirk Franklin, Maverick City lead Whoopi Goldberg To Worship On ‘The View’ 2022

“The Kingdom Tour” brought people from all walks of life to a packed house at the Amway Center. The crowd primarily consisted of members of the millennial generation and Generation Z.

During the performance, Franklin briefly addressed the audience of around 20,000 people.

“There’s so much division in the world right now,” he stated from behind the piano. “Sometimes I feel like my generation let your generation down.”

Franklin lamented that while people in the Church from the baby boomer generation “were talking about church and talking about Jesus,” “we forgot to love on people.”

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“Right now, I believe that there’s a generation in this room that’s sick and tired of people that play church; they’re ready to be the Church,” he added as members of the audience applauded.

Franklin, who has long called for a unified church that cuts across racial lines, declared that the Church “has no color” and no division. He proclaimed that “the Church has only one superstar, and His name is Jesus the Christ.” Franklin’s message caused the fans to roar in agreement.

Kirk Franklin, Whoopi Goldberg To Lead Worship On ‘The View’ 2022

“I believe there is a generation where mothers and fathers might have forgotten, but God would never,” Franklin asserted. “I really think your generation can help me change the atmosphere of the world.”

The performer encouraged the audience to help him change the atmosphere. After praying that all people unite, Maverick City Music concluded the performance with a rendition of “Awesome God.”

Franklin and Maverick City Music are still on “The Kingdom Tour” circuit.

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