Mike Bamiloye Shares Vision On Dare Adeboye’s Glorious Welcome Home

    Mike Bamiloye Shares Vision On Dare Adeboye's Glorious Welcome Home

    Mike Bamiloye Shares Vision On Dare Adeboye’s Glorious Welcome Home

    Mike Bamiloye Shares Vision On Dare Adeboye’s Glorious Welcome Home

    Evangelist Mike Bamiloye Reveals His Vision On How Pastor Dare Adeboye Was Welcomed Home Gloriously.


    The Glory and Inspirations surrounding His HomeGoing SHOCKED THE DEVIL! I never knew the Devil could be so shocked! He had thought the whole of Redeemed Church would be scattered! He had thought Pastor Dare’s Death would rattle the RCCG Worldwide.


    He had thought Church Members would begin to scamper for safety that if the carbon copy son of the G.O. could just sleep and refuse to wake up, what would be the lot of ordinary church members?

    He had thought the incidence would raise the dust of Unbelief and Doubt and Fear and Anxiety and Panicking…. He had thought Daddy and Mummy G.O. would go somewhere and hide. He had thought Daddy G.O. would not even come out to make a statement.
    You know what?

    Mike Bamiloye Shares Vision On Dare Adeboye’s Glorious Welcome Home

    We were in Daddy’s House at Camp to express our condolence in the company of many other ministers:
    My MUMMY, Mummy G.O. who had been attending to many visitors and had gone inside, still came out and sat down with us greetings we and many of us who had gone there could not even say much again!
    Ah! Satan, shame unto you!

    Daddy G.O. Turned his own statement to A Call Up To Us All to Arise and Move On! His 10 minutes the short message was for everyone to arise and focus on heaven Because Pastor Dare had lived and finished well.
    Daddy G.O. used the message to call All sympathizers to be prepared before God and to pray for Ourselves to FINISH WELL just like Pastor Dare!

    Sister Tammy, Pastor Dare’s wife turned her Tribute message at Service of Song to Message of Salvation and a Call up to be rededicated to the service of God.


    Mike Bamiloye Shares Vision On Dare Adeboye’s Glorious Welcome Home

    Somebody said: Pastor Dare walked with God and God took him away without asking for anybody’s permission. Pastor Dare slept in the night And when he opened his eyes the next morning, he was astonished to see angels standing around him in amazing shining robes. He was shocked. Then he looked all around him and Angels were everywhere with Saints and friends who had gone ahead of him.

    They had come to welcome him. They came with some astonishing Heavenly Orchestral. For a moment he could not move by the breathtaking beauty and splendour confronting him. The Beauty and Splendors of Heaven. The landscape, the grasses, the singing birds, the scented flowers.

    Oh! The Glory! The Beauty!
    He looked in the beautiful clear sky:
    Music was coming from everywhere
    To welcome him home.
    What a Music! The Choir! He was hearing music!

    Mike Bamiloye Shares Vision On Dare Adeboye’s Glorious Welcome Home

    Then suddenly,
    He looked at himself, His skin glittered.
    He couldn’t describe the texture of his glorious skin.
    Then, he observed he was decked in white flowing regalia.
    There was a gold belt around his waist.
    There had golden sandals on his foot. Soft, Cool, Ah! Beauty!

    Then, suddenly….suddenly…. Everyone who had come to Welcome him turned in a direction and he looked in that direction too and saw HIM! He saw HIM smiling! He saw HIM coming! Handsome! Tall! Glorious! Some gloriously looking Angels were following HIM! Pastor Dee looked at HIM and ran To HIM AND BOWED at His Feet! He saw the mark of the Roman Nail He lifted up his eyes to look at the MAN who had died to qualify him for Eternal Glory.

    Tears welled up in his eyes!

    Then, HE pulled him up and wiped his tears of joy! And MY LORD said to Pastor Dee:

    Mike Bamiloye Shares Vision On Dare Adeboye’s Glorious Welcome Home

    “Welcome Home.
    You have Done Well.
    I took you away without informing my Servants, your Earthly parents. If I had informed them, or allow them to know, they would mobilize a Million Prayer Intercessors. But You Are Done and finished your own portion of the Work. It is time to Rest Eternally. When it is time, you shall see Them,
    And your Loved Ones.

    Then, HE took Pastor Dee’s hand and glanced at all the crowd of great Saints comprising of converted souls and departed believer friends and ministers who are now looking so gloriously radiant and wonderfully joyful and peaceful. He smiled at them all. They had all come to welcome him home. The King of Glory had come to welcome him home.

    The bright sky was now full of great music from invisible Heavenly instrumentalists. Pastor Dee is full of smiles and joy as the MASTER, the KING of ANGELS held his hand. Then, THE LORD looked at his face again and said solemnly to him: “SHALL WE PROCEED TO YOUR MANSION?“



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