Home FAQs Should Christians Participate In Crypto-Mining Game?

Should Christians Participate In Crypto-Mining Game?

Should Christians Participate In Crypto Mining Game?
Should Christians Participate In Crypto-Mining Game?

Should Christians Participate In Crypto-Mining Game?

The reason many of us compromise our faith and belief is oftentimes tied to a lack of money or resources We go to church and hear messages that will elevate our spirit-man but when we leave we are confronted with a world that’s brutal and attacks our faith especially when we cannot provide what we want or need.

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A Pastor is being embarrassed by a member who mistakenly transferred 1 Million instead of 100k. Now, if that pastor was well-to-do returning 900k would not be a problem, but you see this sometimes goes beyond integrity, some people cannot hold any longer.

Many people have become weary and this is because the cares of his world are weighing them down. But we encourage you to be not weary in well doing for in time it will come to pass.

If your spirituality does not allow you to generate income legitimately then we are sorry about this feature, We cannot talk about the thousands of messages we receive from Christians who ask for as low as 2000, that’s embarrassing.

Should Christians Participate In Crypto-Mining Game?

YES!!! is the short answer, Christians should participate in crypto-mining games for as long as it does not take them out of faith.  If I am an unbeliever and you tell me about Jesus Christ and His goodness only to ask me for money for food will I trust Jesus? We need to wake up as Christians!!!

We are. not moved by the things of this world 🌎 however we live in a world that is controlled by finances and a lot of us compromise because of this. Truth be told, most of our prayers are centred around money and financial constraints.

This is not meant to be, and this is why we cannot convert the elites because we don’t have what they have materially and yet we are not demonstrating POWER!!!!!

Many of us will rather ask God for Breakthrough Financially than POWER for signs and wonders, salvation of souls and healing of sickness. Like I said MANY!!!!

This is why many people stop going to church when they get wealthy, it only tells you why they have been going to church all these years.

People keep reaching out daily to ask for alms and it disturbs my spirit when I see their DP and some of them with mic 🎤 singing and teaching or something.

The Power to get wealth is given to us, it’s time to Activate it by beating the system and being smart because we have the advantage of the Holy Spirit.

This is Why Christians Should Participate In Crypto-Mining Game

Financial Relevance is not a Gift from God to the righteous alone it’s a Principle that works for both believers and unbelievers. If you are spiritually on fire and not ready to Labour Abundantly, You will Be Poor!!!

You will make Heaven, but you will go through a lot of challenges and sometimes humiliation on this earth.

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Remember, this is not a one-way fix to financial problems and challenges but a wake-up call for believers to be engaged in platforms that could affect the economy of the world at large. Join the mining platforms and make sure you verify the authenticity and never pay anyone for services before vetting the source.

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