Home Christian Life The Benefits And Consequences Of ‘COMPETITION’

The Benefits And Consequences Of ‘COMPETITION’

The Benefits And Consequences Of 'COMPETITION'

The Benefits And Consequences Of ‘COMPETITION’

The Benefits And Consequences Of ‘COMPETITION’


A contest for a prize or an award, reward, promotion or position of authority, relevance or recognition. This is the standard of living in the human race till the end of time, aware or unaware, involved or uninvolved we are in so much a competition as much as we desire values and good things of life.

Competition is seen in all areas of life, from the animal kingdom to the human race, celestial to the terrestrial, physical to the Spiritual, it’s all about dominance, predation, and control. To command to subdue to control to possess is only available after victory in the contest.

REV;12;1-12 It is in the nature of mankind to be the head to be the lead, thus the need for contention arises. Nothing good comes cheap, nothing great comes with ease.


So every Prize comes with a Price, every Height comes with a Flight, and every flight goes against forces of gravity. So long as there is a gain in it there is a pain to overcome, the Prize is the final destination but the price is the Journey you must embark on. However, positive or negative competition is an essential part of life and we all must compete at one point or the other.

Benefits And Consequences Of ‘COMPETITION’

Only the headers make headlines, so to be on top you have made it to the top and only by competing you get there. To remain on the floor or bottom level in life is to avoid competition and to live a miserable life.

POSITIVE? YES…. Some may wonder, why compete for what God has promised to give us freely? I am a believer I don’t have to fight for anything or contest for any position or possession.

Let’s see this passage; Deuteronomy 2:24

“Rise ye up, take your journey, and pass over the river Arnon: behold, I have given into thine hand Sihon the Amorite, king of Heshbon, and his land: begin to possess it, and contend with him in battle.” King James Version (KJV)

The land God promised the children of Israel was already occupied by people, Life forbids vacuum. It’s true God has said in his word we will be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, the first and not the last Deut 28;13 but to fully claim this word there is need to contend for it to come to pass, so well yes God is aware of the battles. Matt 11;12, Eph 6;12.

NEGATIVE? The only danger of competition is the wrong motive fueled by the lust of the flesh lust of the eyes and pride of life Gen 3;1-4. A greedy competitor must win at all cost irrespective of the cost, in the long run, so drastic measures are taken against fellow competitors. This is the only danger of competition when the motive is not to benefit mankind or humanity but to satisfy selfish desires.


Ok, now we know Competition is positive as well as negative when wrongly motivated. There is a way to always do things right and that is the only way to do it, Right. Life is about perception, first, you must see competition as an opportunity to

1. Build yourself We often find ourselves in situations where our services, production or delivery are not requested or recommended because it’s not either professional or consumer-worthy, sometimes it could be stale or outdated. So, there is a need for us to build ourselves in order to stand in the market.

Benefits And Consequences Of ‘COMPETITION’

Even God after creation saw that all He made was very good Gen 1, and the Bible says in Eccl 9;10a whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. So the competition will always place a demand on you to building capacity, improving your self-worth and increasing your market value.

So to be a competitor you must have a reputable standard and by doing this you render more profitable service to humanity. To have a good reputation in your place of service, you must be a problem solver and to do that you must render services more efficiently than many others.

2. Brace Yourself Now you have a seat in your place of relevance or expertise you must do well to maintain that place by constantly updating and upgrading yourself. Once you find a place for yourself and it’s a good one you must understand that someone somewhere is after that place. Not because they hate you, always, but because everything good commands attention and that is the way of life. The rich want to get richer, the strong, stronger, the wise, wiser not considering their current status or place.

How To Compete Right, The Advantages And Disadvantages

Therefore, let he who stands to take heed lest he falls……………….. Getting to the top is one thing staying at the top is another. So your co-competitors keep you in check and you don’t let your guard down as regards the services you render or position you are in currently. They constantly remind you what it takes to be at the top, and be at the top because you will never stop looking for ways to improve yourself.

3. Birth Yourself; This is the last stage a competitor must attain to be called success and that is when he/she is able to reproduce its kind. This is the place of impact and mentorship, no longer an ordinary competitor but a Grand competitor. When you have competitors come out of your loins, and yet, thriving in their places of assignments and endeavours. This is the peak of successful competition, generational impartation. Now we see that from just competing to win the Prize, we can grow to become the Prize giver. Don’t run away from competition when the need arises, let these factors be your motivation and drive

How To Compete Right, The Advantages And Disadvantages

Don’t involve in a competition that will only benefit you or fulfil selfish reasons I tell you even if you get it you will eventually lose or misuse it and end up being alone because no life was affected positively. Don’t take measures that will ruin your success tomorrow. Don’t make mistakes today that will hunt you tomorrow for quick satisfaction.

Let the long run always be a pointer to step you take. Remember Esau and Jacob, Gen 25 food is nothing compared with authority to a man of foresight, but to a hungry and visionless man, its food and nothing else mattered. Don’t trade your future for the temporary comfort of today. Lam 3;27 Understand these rules of engagement and be sure you will have good success Best Regards



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