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10 Actionable Tips to Help You Improve Your Writing Skills Faster

10 Actionable Tips to Help You Improve Your Writing Skills Faster
10 Actionable Tips to Help You Improve Your Writing Skills Faster

10 Tips to Help You Improve Your Writing Skills Faster

Becoming a better writer is a goal you can easily achieve if you follow a proper plan. In this blog, you will find ten tips that will help you develop a personalized plan for improving your writing skills in a short time – keep reading!

1. Sharpen Your Grammar Skills

Making grammar mistakes repeatedly can make you doubt your skills as a writer. To ensure that you can trust your knowledge and skills and achieve your writing goals, you will need to develop a strong grasp of grammar. 

You will have to know about different kinds of words and how they are used for writing stories and features people love to read. 

For example, homophones are words that sound alike and might be difficult to differentiate if you don’t have strong grammar skills. You should know about the affect vs effect difference and know about other homophones as well so you don’t make a mistake when writing. 



2. Develop a Writing Routine

Writing according to a defined routine will help you write better and faster. Instead of writing whenever you feel like writing something, following a routine will allow you to concentrate your thoughts and write concisely. 

Following a writing routine doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to disturb your daily routine. Set aside some time from your working hours for writing so you can polish your writing skills without disturbing the work-life balance. 


3. Read As Many Books as You Can

Contrary to what many newbie writers think, you don’t necessarily need to do everything by yourself to become a better writer. It’s preferable to get inspiration from other writers so you can avoid making mistakes and achieve your writing goals faster. 

The best way you can learn from established writers is by reading famous books. Spending time on reading good books will help you identify the patterns that make a book interesting for readers. You can consider borrowing books from a local library so you can save your money and also link up with writers. 


4. Join a Writing Course

The easiest way to overcome your shortcomings as a writer is to join a writing course. By enrolling in a course, you will get the chance to follow the personalized instructions of a skilled teacher. You will also develop the habit of competing with other writers and mastering the art of making your writing stand out. 

You should consider joining an online writing course if you don’t have time in your daily schedule to take in-person classes. Make sure you stay active during video calls so you can ask relevant questions and develop a strong relationship with your instructors and fellow students. 


5. Connect With Other Writers

Networking is one of the best things you can do to develop better writing skills in a short time. The more you discuss things with fellow writers, the easier you will find it to write effortlessly. 

There’s a common misconception among writers that they need to sacrifice their reading/writing routine to connect with other writers. However, the truth is that you can manage networking with your routine if you rely on digital channels. 

Online platforms can help you connect with other writers in no time. You can start by joining groups aimed at writers and avid readers. Participate in online discussions and get noticed by sharing your thoughts. 


6. Get Help from Tech Tools

Tech can be your best bud and help you improve your writing skills in a short time. The good thing about tech tools is that they are easy to use and can help you save a lot of time and effort. 

Many of the writing tools are free or have affordable pricing plans, so you can use different tools without disturbing your budget. Here are some amazing tools every writer should try:

    • Improve the readability of your work with Hemingway Editor.
    • Jot down all your writing ideas in one place with Evernote.
  • Write online whenever you want with Google Docs. 
  • Fix your grammar mistakes faster with Grammarly

7. Find Your Writer’s Voice

You will be able to write better and feel more confident about your writing skills once you develop your writer’s voice. Having a distinctive writer’s voice will allow you to separate yourself from other writers and enable you to get recognition for your writing skills. 

Finding your writer’s voice is not a tedious task. To get started, you can try rewriting the works of your famous writers. Pay attention to the thoughts and ideas presented by the writer and try rephrasing the ideas in your own words.

Avoid copying the style of the writer, and encourage yourself to use unique words and sentence structures to find how you weave ideas into stories naturally. 


8. Build Your Vocabulary

Having a strong vocabulary will make it easier for you to write better. Good vocabulary skills will help you avoid using jargon in writing, allowing you to captivate readers without relying on technical terms that are difficult to understand. 

Improving your vocabulary can become simpler if you rely on tech. You can install a thesaurus app on your smartphone or access a thesaurus website from your browser. Make sure you set aside some time for going through a vocabulary so you can learn more words over time. 


9. Participate in Writing Competitions 

Competing with other writers can allow you to showcase your best writing skills. By following the constraints of a writing competition, you will be able to find out your mistakes as a writer and fix them over time. 

It’s extremely easy to find writing competitions that you find exciting. You can explore your local library or community center to find out about writing competitions held in your area. Besides that, you can join online forums to participate in writing competitions worldwide. 

10. Don’t Let Perfectionism Stop You

Trying to write better without making any mistakes can stop you from expressing your creativity as a writer. You have to overcome perfectionism to ensure that you can develop your writing skills over the course of time.

Accept the fact that you will make mistakes at the start of your writing journey. Let your creativity flow on paper so you can write without constraints and fix your mistakes one by one.




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