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How To Know A Good Church |10 Characteristics

10 Characteristics Of A Good Church

How To Know A Good Church |10 Characteristics

How To Know A Good Church |10 Characteristics

Characteristics Of A Good Church

Finding a good worship assembly could be challenging for some folks especially in this age of falsehood in Christendom. The church is now termed a business centre, although Jesus Christ first made that statement when he said it’s a house of prayer, not money exchangers. MATT 21: 13

This seems to be the order today as many have really become business centres and magic homes to defraud people. However, when there is a fake, it is because the original is available. There are churches that have not lost the essence of their existence and have proven this overtime 

In this article, I would show you the things to look out for in finding a good church in any denomination. 

10 Characteristics Of A Good Church

  • The Are Receptive 

The first thing you want to look out for is how you’re received. Jesus Christ made this known to us that no matter the gender, tribe, culture, race, His arms are open wide to receive.  When a church doesn’t pay attention to the first-timers it’s a bad omen.  Some churches are carried away by the number, some neglect while some are careless.  A good church knows that every soul counts and they are willing to go all out to keep them in the fold. When you’re properly received you feel comfortable and you would love to return again and again. 


A good church pays more attention to new souls than to established souls. Jesus can leave the 99 and go for the 1 lost so why won’t you.  When they receive you well and treat you well they’ve made a lasting impression but there is more. 

After they receive you the next thing you look out for

  • They Praise And Worship God 

Any place of worship where there is no praise and worship to God is not a good one. The presence of God is in the midst of His people when they give Quality praise and worship to Him. Read (Psalm 22: But you are holy, O You that inhabit the praises of Israel)

Any church that neglects this is already on a failed mission. Like Moses said if your presence doesn’t go with is we can go no further.  The visitation of God is tied to man’s invitation. God is omnipresent, but His acts are not always visible till He is invited and praise and worship is the greatest tool. 

Any church that doesn’t pay attention to this is not a good church. God must be praised and worshipped in songs, hymns and chants and what have you. 

  • They Pray To God 

This is another way to secure the presence of God. Prayer is a Masterkey, the media to which humanity interacts with Divinity. Any church that doesn’t pray would always fall prey to the plans of the devil.  Prayer secures God’s presence as well as establishes man’s dominion on earth.

How To Know A Good Church

A prayerful church is a powerful church.  If they do not pray then you have no business with them. Your destiny must be fulfilled and it takes prayer and several other engagements to make it come through.  A good church prays without ceasing. 

  • The Word Of God is Undiluted 

This part is very common these days.  a lot of preachers leave the scripture and start telling stories. Great Preachers have a mental picture of the scripture and can illustrate these for better reach and understanding. But when they only talk about what happened and what didn’t happen without relating to scripture RUN!!!

The word of God preached should be pure, undiluted, in season, and consistent to be a good church. You must be eager to hear more and more daily as the revelations and inspirations of the Holy Ghost is new every morning.   The gospel must: be soothing and true, gentle and exact, be able to convict and convert. Not a gospel of reproach and condemnation but reproof and correction. Jesus must be the centre, not the intended priest or pastor as the case may be. 

The pastor. must be a seasoned teacher of the word of God and anointed to always deliver God’s word. 

  • No Fetishism, Every Practice or Doctrine is from the Bible 

Every church has a doctrine or belief system on which they run. This varies in many churches as they draw theirs from the revelation and instructions received by their founders.

The body of Christ means every member of the body has their specularities, but all in the same body. I am the Vine and You are the branches. Every branch is tied to the Vine but points in different directions. As long as they are connected to the Vine the fruits are the same whether they face different directions or not.

How To Know A Good Church

Doctrines perfectly describe the body of Christ. Just as the eyes differ from the mouth but all make up the body. They both play a major role in making a sound body although their assignments differ.

The only clause is, these doctrines must be traced to the scripture?? Is it embedded in the word of God or they are man-made? Practices of spiritualism, demonism, magic are not scriptural and make it a bad church. Runaway from such an environment. 

  • Their Appearance Is Modest And Not Seductive 

Appearance is a serious factor, the Bible says when we shall see Him we shall be like him 1 JOHN 3:2. The importance of appearance cannot be overemphasized. You’re first addressed by your appearance before your speak.  A good church pays attention to the appearance of its members. The church is not a clubhouse, it’s a worship environment.  Not saying you must appear in a boring and backward way be but modest. Look like Jesus, male or female.  

A good church will intimate the need for a modest and moral appearance always. When you go to a church and you see a lady dressed half-naked during a worship session you could be disconnected. 

You can allow people to come as they are but don’t let them remain as they are. Any church that allows for immoral appearance is a bad church. 

  • They Are Gospel-Centred 

The Gospel of Christ is the core message everything is secondary. Some churches have become fundraisers, business and entertainment hubs.  If a church is ultimately focused on projects, programmes, events and you cannot trace it to the advancement of the Gospel it’s a bad church.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the template to run with till he comes again as He is coming soon. 

Nonetheless, the gospel shall yet spread abroad through prosperity. Not all churches have the kingdom mandate, yes, but when you find one stay there and be part of the move. That they raise funds for projects doesn’t automatically make them a bad church.

  • Evangelism: The salvation of Souls Is A Priority

Soul-winning agenda is the top priority in a good church. Evangelism is more important than any other meeting. The last word of Jesus Christ was Go ye into the world and preach the gospel. A good church never stops talking about soul winning and its importance. They make it mandatory and some places a compulsory practice to reach out to souls. When you find one do well to be part of them 

  • They Have Respect and Honour 

A good church shows respect to one another and gives honour to its leaders and priest. Where there is no honour there is no reward. People often castigate churches that expressively honour their pastors and leaders. Don’t be part of them, when you see a place where there is an honour for the priest and servant of God you see the people flourish. 

Good churches do this judiciously as it’s biblical and rewarding. MATT 10: 41

  • A Good And Conducive Worship Environment 

This is the last because it could be based on various conditions, especially at an early stage.  A good church must have a comfortable learning and worship environment that depicts excellence. 

Although, this could be in levels based on the financial capability of the members But, at every level, excellence can be displayed 

You don’t need to have all the money to be excellent. God will see how you treat the work with little before more is added to you. The ambience of a worship facility makes it more exciting. Comfort makes communication smooth and productive.

How To Find A Good Church

A good church will make the House of God look better than that of the Pastor, unlike some churches. 

I’ll stop here …. If you find any church that has these characteristics, don’t hesitate to be part of them. For some folks who are led by the spirit on decisions such as this, I believe every good church should have these features. 

If you have a comment, contrary opinion and more Characteristics please comment below.

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JOHN 3: 3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

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