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How To Say ‘NO’ Effectively Under Pressure

How To Say 'NO' Effectively Under Pressure

How To Say ‘NO’ Effectively Under Pressure

How To Say ‘NO’ Effectively Under Pressure


No is not a negative word…Neither is it a bad word nor a wicked word it all depends on the context…

When you are been told NO when you Expect a Yes could be so disheartening and disturbing sometimes disappointing ….


But the truth is A no to you might be terrible but relevant to the other depending on the condition….

Thus, We could be so sentimental that all we want is the best out of life. Notwithstanding, Life comes with a full package so what u make out of it is totally up to you….

How To Say 'NO' Effectively Under Pressure

However, there are so much effort and pressure to saying NO to a publicly expected yes. how do I mean?? when people want you to say yes and you say no it makes you stand alone and when this happens it’s either your side of the coin is the Head or the tail …Good Or Bad ….

The public has no mind of its own it is controlled by people of reputable status or result. A celebrity or public figure decides to promote drugs in a live video or broadcast..then boom it becomes acceptable….

A Fashion model reveals a sensitive part of her body in public the boom it becomes Vogue…

Or an Actor promotes promiscuous living in a movie, it becomes normal….


The Importance Of Saying NO Effectively Under Pressure

Or a quote from a successful businessman about the Irrelevance of education to his/her success. The notion increases the number of dropouts in colleges and leads to a high rate of crime and nuisance

A well-loved and respected figure declares he’s homosexual or gay and it becomes right….


Where is NO Important?

When you’re tempted to do what is morally wrong because it seems globally right.

When you’re faced with a conflict between your emotions and rationale….Emotions are Unstable, not trustworthy, don’t bank on it….use it but don’t rely on it…If your emotions manage your decisions you’ll be a prey to disappointments and a victim of neglect…why?? Because not all we feel is duly reciprocated ..so you stand on what is right not how you feel or the world feels…

When it’s a Temporal pleasure or gain or satisfaction.

When the yes will only bring a quick and short term pleasure. For example, a group of friends having a fun time and drug is introduced ecstasy or Cocaine. You’re pressured to try it out because it could give you satisfaction…What should come to your mind is what in the long run I might have to live on this for the rest of my life….

The Importance Of Saying NO Effectively Under Pressure

Secondly, how has the life of drug addicts ended in recent times? …Would raise my children as a drug addict?

Now, this is the long run, objective thinking, and this is why u say NO….Yout peers could laugh at you all they could but none of them will take care of you when you become sick or start suffering…..

When your integrity is in the line.

Your value or integrity is determined by the principles on which your life is run ….You say no to anything that will dent your image and name not for today but for those you will leave behind. Your name is your legacy and that will outlive you. Howbeit, a good one will make even your fourth-generation proud of You….

Finally, when it goes against God’s will

God is the Creator and we are His creation ..Every Machine Has a Manual to aid working experience and functionality …The Manual to Life is the scripture THE BIBLE…funny How everything already happened, happening, and will happen is just Embedded in it….

You may not totally agree with it but that’s the whole truth. You didn’t make your self and science have proven it’s limited to how life came to Existence…There is a God that’s Above All who made everything including you …

So, when He says a thing is wrong in His Word it’s absolutely wrong ..


SAY NO TO SIN!!!!!!!

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