Download All Dunsin Oyekan Songs

All Dunsin Oyekan Songs

All Dunsin Oyekan Songs

Dunsin Oyekan Songs (MP3 , MP4 ZIP)

Dunsin Oyekan, like the Eagle, is a phenomenal music minister and a blessing to this generation. He has several songs to his credit. His debut album was “Code Red” released in the year 2016, and had 14 tracks.

Again in the year 2019, he released another album named “Kingdom Now” with 20 tracks. In the year 2020, he has released songs like “More Than a Song”, “Fragrance to Fire”, and “At All Cost”. Then In 2021, He dropped a new album titled ‘THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM’

This is a compilation of all songs by Dunsin Oyekan, album, Live Performances, Ministrations, Prayer meetings, crusades and more
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