Olumba Olumba Reacts As Pastor David Ibiyeomie Calls The Sect ‘A CULT’

    Salvation Ministries Live | Sunday 27 February 2022 – Pastor David Ibiyeomie
    Salvation Ministries Live | Sunday 27 February 2022 – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

    Olumba Olumba Reacts As Pastor David Ibiyeomie Calls The Sect ‘A CULT’

    Olumba Olumba Reacts As Pastor David Ibiyeomie Calls The Sect ‘A CULT’

    Pastor David Ibiyeomie Calls Olumba Olumba ‘A CULT’ group

    Worshippers of the popular Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS), known as Olumba Olumba, have fought back against another slanderous statement released by Salvation Ministries’ Senior Pastor David Ibiyeomie, who tagged Olumba Olumba a cult.

    Ibiyeomie, who infuriated the leadership of Olumba Olumba last year by labelling the church a “Shrine,” and dubbed BCS “a cult” in a new viral video, just as he accused the hierarchy of a failed diabolical plot to kill him.


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    Ibiyemie had in a recent comment said, “Let me share this testimony, a cult called Olumba Olumba, their headquarters is in Cross Rivers State. I had no idea for 10 years that they were going to the cemetery every day on my behalf.

    “They said I am disturbing Olumba Olumba. Because in Port Harcourt they invaded everywhere. Every street in GRA, they had a shrine. So, I didn’t know. I just heard that in the Spirit realm they said I was troubling them.”

    Olumba Olumba Reacts As Pastor David Ibiyeomie Calls It ‘A CULT’

    Expressing BCS’s anger over the development, their Patriárch, Christ Shepherd, Edet Archibong, said, “All these are figments of Pastor Ibiyeomie’s imagination. BCS is not at same level with him. We advise him to concentrate on pure pastoral duties which is saving souls, if he is worth the title, and place less emphasis on materialism.

    “Brotherhood of the Cross and Star”. ‘Brotherhood’ (1Peter 2: 17), means the reunification of God with His creations. Cross represents the supreme sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ as an atonement for sins and “Star is the resurrection and reign of Christ in glory.

    “Leader Olumba Olumba Obu is the custodian of all powers as the Ancient of Days. Will He go to the dead in the cemetery to obtain power? He has the power of the spoken word. Early 2020 He declared that no baptized member of the new Kingdom of God on earth, BCS, would succumb to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

    “We have been holding global online meetings and combined services and from information received from the world over, as at this time of writing, there is no baptized BCS member in any part of the world who has succumbed to COVID 19 or its variant.

    “Is this the being that will send people to bury egg in Pastor Ibiyeomie’s alter to stop him from expanding? What is God struggling for with Pastor Ibiyeomie? Why does Leader Olumba Olumba Obu need shrines for, when. He came to abolish the works of darkness as shown in His teachings and personal example.”



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