Self-confidence has never been an issue for many people but the lack of courage has.
    And this lack of courage is a thief of opportunity.
    A lot of people may have plenty of confidence in themselves. They may believe in their competence and their abilities but somehow they lack the courage to do what they need to do; They lack the courage to execute; They lack the courage to step out and face difficulties, to pass through disagreeable experiences.
    They know they somehow have what it takes to do what they want to do but deep down within them, they lack the courage. And this lack of courage has been their weakness.
    Denying this fact leads to more excuses.
    But the man who feels that he lacks courage, who knows that he needs to forget his fears and anxieties has already won half of his Battle.
    You may want to read that again…
    Because by knowing his deficiencies, he can by the very power of his will compel his sense of confidence to be courageous and thus increasing and developing his courage and as a result, his efficiency.
    Courage is developed by doing a courageous act. One thing about people who have self-confidence but lack courage is this:


    the courage may never come until they decide to take the risk to do it afraid, the beautiful part of it is that once they step out they become super bold magically.✨
    This courage only finds them when they decide to take the risk to execute or to do it afraid and the more they do this, the more they develop their mind.

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    You see, the more you take a courageous step the more your subconscious mind develops the strength to face more challenging situations because it now knows that the courage will come once you step out.
    However, a lot of people still lack this strength or willingness to step out afraid. Thus, at this point, you must engage the power of incentives for yourself.
    You must train your ear to listen to a certain word of motivation to stir up your inner strength to step out.
    You may want to also expose your eyes to watch a clip in order to alter your subconscious mind to stir up strength.
    Or you may want to create a sense of urgency on your destiny through the fear of unfulfillment if you don’t step out. – Ԁısċıpʟıňє
    Or you may want to activate your faith like someone once said that “courage is fear with prayer”.
    However you do, please find your courage.
    And live while you are alive.
    You are courageous.
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