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Tips for Buying the Best THCA Flower

Tips for Buying the Best THCA Flower
Tips for Buying the Best THCA Flower

Tips for Buying the Best THCA Flower

Tips for Buying the Best THCA Flower

THCA is short for tetrahydrocannabinol acid, one of the raw compounds found in cannabis or hemp. It later converts to THC when the plant matures. However, THCA flowers are not as common as CBD flowers, and most people don’t even know about them.

Other than THCA, cannabis also produces CBDA, which later turns into CBD. The levels of THCA and CBDA vary between different cannabis strains. Cannabis strains with high THCA concentrations are also referred to as THCA flowers.

Buying quality cannabis products can be a challenge, especially for newbies. Even though there are plenty of options from online dispensaries to physical weed shops, finding the best seller can take time. In this guide are handy tips to consider when buying Cannaflower THC a flower

1. Read Reviews

Reviews will help you learn more about the dispensary and the quality of its products. Ensure that you research where the dispensary gets its flowers from. Many online weed dispensaries have review sections where past customers can share unbiased opinions about the products and customer service. 

Avoid any seller who has bad reviews about their product or customer service. Reviews will also help you find the best THCA flower strain, especially if you are a newbie. 

2. Check for Third-Party Certificates 

The FDA doesn’t regulate most hemp products. Here is where third-party lab tests come in. These tests are done to check if the THCA flowers or any hemp product is safe for human consumption. The tests also check if the product is 100% organic, especially for edibles that have added flavors or other ingredients. 

Some online weed dispensaries will provide a copy of the third-party lab certificate as proof. The certificate has all the details from where the plant was grown to when it was harvested and prepped. 

3. Inspect the Size of the Flowers

Research shows that bigger flowers or buds are proof of higher quality. However, the size of the flowers or buds may vary depending on the strain. Indica strains produce dense but smaller buds. On the other hand, flowers from Sativa strains are bigger and fluffier.

Very small buds are not the best quality and are often used to make pre-rolls. However, this is not an indicator that the product is a mix of buds from Sativa and Indica strains. A decent bag of THCA flowers will have a small percentage of small buds.

4. Review the Potency of the Product

This is essential for newbies who are trying THCA flowers for the first time. Most THCA and CBD flowers come with a potency rating as required by law in some states. There are a few things you can look at when reviewing the potency of your bag.

Some consumers check the CBD to THC ratio. On the other hand, THC enthusiasts don’t worry about the amount of CBD in their products. For newbies, we recommend going for flowers with anything below 20% THC concentration.

Bottom Line 

THCA flowers have some solid after-effects if you find the best product in the market. The tips shared in this guide will help you make the best decision when shopping for THCA flowers or any other cannabis products.


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