Top Trending Gospel Artists In 2021 So far (January Till Date)

Top Trending Gospel Artists In 2021 So far (January Till Date)

Top Trending Gospel Artists In 2021 So far (January Till Date)

Top Trending Gospel Artists In 2021 So far (January Till Date)

The year 2021 has been awesome in the gospel music ministry. with great sounds and music from these outstanding and phenomenal minstrels and singers. The world is blessed with these great talents and thus, ThePreacher’s Portal makes a list of the top trending thus far in the year 2021. This is as a result of the impact of their work such as download, work, music and lifestyle.

Below Is A List Of Top Trending Gospel Artists In The Year 2021


1. Dunsin Oyekan 

The Eagle as he is fondly called, Dunsin Oyekan has not left the list of top trending gospel artists with back to back releases of powerful songs. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SONGS

2. Maverick City Music 

The award-winning American gospel band, Maverick City Music, Tribl has not left the spotlight for a while now and this year 2021, is not an exemption. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SONGS

3. Nathaniel Bassey

Pastor Nathaniel, a great minister in songs and word has been phenomenal in the past decade and this year is not an exemption. Hallelujah Challenge crooner keeps releasing powerful sounds from heaven. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SONGS

4. Mr M And Revelation

This music band is just a perfect blend of traditional and western worship. Mr M and Revelation have risen to stardom with the release of powerful songs of praise and worship.  Their blend of the Igbo language and English makes them stand out from the crowd and is sure a band to look out for in the future. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SONGS

5. Jekalyn Carr

The American singer, award winner Jekalyn Carr with her latest album Changing Your Story, is a force to reckon with in the gospel ministry CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SONGS

7. Moses Bliss 

Christ Embassy star boy, Moses Bliss has not left the spotlight after his hit song Faithful to Fail. After his successful debut album and concert, this year he has released son powerful and groovy songs that go with his genre. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SONGS 

8. Planetshakers 

American contemporary music band makes the list of Trending Gospel artists and bands this year. They have been amazing with the latest album release, REVIVAL. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SONGS 

9. Judikay 

She has been in the spotlight for some time now and doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. Judikay makes no 9. trending  in our list CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SONGS

10. Tavis Greene

Award-winning gospel artist with the just-released Oil and Water album is No. 10 on our list. CLICK HER TO DOWNLOAD SONGS 

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