50 Prayer Points For The Month Of March

50 Prayer Points For The Month Of March

50 Prayer Points For The Month Of March

50 Prayer Points For The Month Of March

A Happy New Month and welcome to the Month of March, the third month of the year 2021.

Being a new day of a new month, many expect good wishes from their friends, family members and loved ones, hence, a need to compile one.

Below are some new month prayer points and messages you can send to friends, family members and loved ones.

1. As you start this new month, nothing will remove the radiant Glory of God over your life in the name of Jesus. Happy new month.

2. As the Sun rises every morning, so shall your greatness emerge throughout this month and forever, in the same of Jesus. Happy new month.

3. From this month, the Almighty God will command the Heavens and the earth to act in your favour, in all you do. Happy new month.

4. For you and all yours, the glory of the later months of this year shall be greater than the former, in the name of Jesus. Happy new month.

5. This month, God will speak for you in every way and you shall testify to His Goodness. Happy new month.

6. Like never before, Heaven will open for your sake this month and blessings from above will locate you. A happy new month to you.

7. Whatever you say or do this month shall be seasoned with favour. Have a blessed month ahead.

8. God’s presence shall be your daily abode throughout this month. I wish you all the best of the month.

9. Throughout this month and beyond, no evil shall fall upon you and your family in Jesus name. All the best!

10. In this new month and beyond, very power set to crumble your way and your household’s shall be shattered. Happy new month.

11. Under a divine declaration, begin to advance, begin to make it, begin to proceed as you begin this month. I wish you all the best.

12. Things of joy will not cease from your home this month, and throughout this year. A happy new month to you and your family.

13. May God specially attend to your situation this month, and your family too. Happy new month.

14. It shall be well with you all that is yours this month and beyond. Happy new month.

15. The doors of blessings shall be opened for you and your Family throughout this month, and forever. Happy new month to you all from me.

16. May you continue to dwell within the cover of Almighty this month and forever. Have a blessed month.

17. No traces of sadness shall be linked to your home this month but you shall enjoy the best of God. Have a glorious month.

18. As long as there is God in Heaven, you will never know shame but joy everlasting. Happy new month to you.

19. Every spirit working to reposition your destiny shall perish by fire and you shall overcome all challenges in this month. Happy new month.

20. This shall be your best month and the following months shall be better. Enjoy the best of the month!

21. Of all that will testify around you at the end of this month, you shall take the lead. Happy new month to you.

22. I shall not struggle with my business anymore. The wisdom to succeed and the grace to be celebrated shall dwell in me henceforth. Then, the heathens shall say, the Lord has done great things for me.

23. You’re free from the struggles of sicknesses and diseases. Your health shall blossom like a plant by the riverside. You shall leap for joy in this new month.

24. May your storehouse be full and your barn be blessed. Your hard work shall be rewarded by your heavenly Father. You shall win every battle this month.

25. In this new month, Father, I want to see your right hand in my business. I want to feel your presence all around me. May the works of my hands heed to your divine words of favour and prosperity in Jesus name.

26. May the Lord elevate you beyond your dreams. May His favour set a crown upon your head. You shall prosper and flourish in this new month. These, I pray in Jesus name.

27. May the Lord grant you an uncommon breakthrough. May He do a new thing in your life in this new month. Because with Him all things are possible, your breakthrough will come unfailingly in Jesus name.

28. I ask for fresh fire for a breakthrough. I shall sell like never before and prosper as it is uncommon to a man in Jesus name.

29. You shall pursue, recover and overtake in this new month. Your breakthrough is sure in Jesus name.

30. May the Lord turn your tears into joy and your mourning into dancing. This is your month of laughter and perfection in Jesus name.

31. Whatever stands as an obstruction against my forward movement in my business and career is uprooted by the fire of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

32. I shall receive my promotion letter in this new month. No man on earth, nor demon in hell shall stop me. I am elevated in Jesus name.

33. Any spirit of set back lurking around your business must die by fire in this new month in Jesus name.

34. May the testimony of the Lord be sure upon you and your household in Jesus name.

35. That which the world has given up on regarding your matter shall be your number one testimony in this new month in Jesus name.

36. You shall breakthrough in your exams. Your results shall lead you into an era of promotion in Jesus name.

37. You have waited upon the Lord, but the good news is, the time for you to be favoured by your God has come in Jesus name.

38. My dream job shall locate me in this new month. I shall be where I want to be in Jesus name.

39. Father, give me the resources and power to complete my projects in this new month of prosperity in Jesus name.

40. If God is for me, no one can be against me. Therefore, against all odds, I shall breakthrough in Jesus name.

41. In this new month, wherever your spouse may be, there shall be divine connection betwixt you two in Jesus name. No one else shall take your place.

42. Father, grant me your justice today in Jesus name. This is my month of divine intervention. I shall breakthrough through this matter in Jesus name.

43. Whatever is being said against me to prevent my upward movement is washed away by the precious blood of the lamb in Jesus name.

44. I shall deliver my baby successfully in Jesus name. This month shall be the best month of this year so far, I pray.

45. My journey throughout this month shall be stress-free. My movement to and fro shall amount to success and breakthrough in Jesus name.

46. May the Lord satisfy you with prosperity and longevity. May His light of salvation shine upon your path this month in Jesus name.

47. My ministry is blessed in Jesus name. There shall be a great harvest of souls for the Lord in this special month.

48. All ways shall lead into my shop and domain in this month of prosperity in Jesus name.

49. May the Lord pay attention to your needs and supply all your desires according to His riches in glory, I pray.

50. As I give, may it be given back into my bosom in good measures. As I sow in this new month, I shall reap bountifully in Jesus name.

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