Home Money 7 Ways Pastors Make Money Outside Church Offerings

7 Ways Pastors Make Money Outside Church Offerings

7 Ways Pastors Make Money Outside Church Offerings

7 Ways Pastors Make Money Outside Church Offerings

7 Ways Pastors Make Money Outside Church Offerings

Different Ways Pastors Make Money

In our world today especially is this part of it, this topic makes the news even at the minutest level. How a pastor makes money, how a pastor got this, why they do this and that  Everyone wants to know why, what, who and when anytime a pastor is mentioned. The most common is when it has to do with money. The devil has bastardised the minds of many into thinking that pastors must not have enough money, or be rich in any capacity. But the Bible says my people are gone into captivity for lack of knowledge. IS 5:13

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Wealth and prosperity are the heritage of children of God when they endorse principles and guidelines of prosperity. Seedtime and harvest time shall not cease whether the pastor or member the same law abounds. 


However, there are lots of men who are bent on milking people of their possessions in the name of religion. Religion has a stronghold on people and because of this, fraudulent men venture into it as a business to make a name and money for themselves.

Different Ways Pastors Make Money

They engage fetish, diabolic means to perpetrate evil and device many with false signs and magic to validate their satanic call. Then, make onlookers and victims submit to their vision and give their possessions to them, making them rich and famous. This we have today in the body of Christ, wolves in sheep’s clothing. 

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This doesn’t tamper with the fact that there are very many sincere men of God who are called and genuine in character. 

People wonder how modest can a venture be to make a pastor own a private jet, mansions and estate all in the name of ministry. Well, I know for sure how a genuine pastor behaves. 

I wrote an article on How to a know Genuine Pastor Please Read.

In this article, I would demystify the notion that says all men of God are taskmasters to their flock. The belief system is that members are the only source of all pastor’s wealth and opulence in a community is wrong.  The offerings of a church don’t always determine the net worth of a Pastor in some cases. Not all pastors feed on the flock and rise to fame.

Below Are 7 Ways Pastors Can make Money Without Church Offerings or Tithes 

1. Salary

Not everyone is called into starting a new commission or ministry.  In Fact, some never get to own a church or commission. But, looking at the top richest they are all presiding pastors of various churches, no one becomes the richest by salary.  Some churches run as an organization well structured and employ full-time staff to work for them. A pastor can be employed to work in a particular department and can receive bountiful payments for their service. 

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Some churches pay their pastors up to a million, some pay less and some are very poor. But a Pastor who is well paid and taken care of might end up becoming very comfortable. This is the first because it’s common and not really a major source outside the church. 

2. Profession/ Career

Not all pastors do the job full time. Full-time ministry is another dimension or call entirely. It takes an affirmative encounter to go into full-time ministry. Death to self and all but, some pastors still do their professions part-time and they are successful. 

A medical doctor, engineer, architect etc can still do ministry and remain in their various fields. Not all pastors you see are full time some of them keep their jobs and this helps them to strike a balance. The Vice president of Nigeria Prof Yemi Osibanjo is a good example.  These categories of pastors do not come under attack often because people could relate their source of income to other obvious fields. 

3. Investments

Some pastors are good investors. In fact, one of the pieces of evidence that a man is led by the spirit is the ability to foresee. Some pastors take certain risks and invest in several other businesses outside the church. Investments like Forex trading, stocks, real estate, shares and so on. Pastors venture into these and make cool moneySome open businesses and organizations that generate income outside the church such as schools, hospitals, firms and so on. 

4. Seeds / Gifts 

They receive gifts in cash and in-kind from members and non-members. Some members find joy in sowing a seed of honour to their pastor’s life. Though it has a lot of rewards as in the Bible, some folks make this practice a routine to always meet the needs of their shepherd. This is not mandatory or made compulsory by the pastor but a willful donation from people. On their birthdays they sometimes receive gifts and donations in large quantities even from people who are not directly their members. 

5. Honorarium / Fees

When pastors go out to minister, they are sometimes paid for their job. Some pastors are life coaches, mentors, career builders and school of ministry tutors. They get paid for sessions and this is outside the norm of going to preach in another church and collect honorarium. Although some preachers get it wrong by adding a fee to their ministry when it involves going to preach the gospel in another church. That would be discussed soon.

6. Sales Of Books 

A pastor can make a lot of money from the sales of books on land and online. Some pastors are good writers and authors of many books. Best selling authors make a turnover of millions from sales of their materials. 

7. Social Media Platforms / Blogs / Affiliate Marketing

It’s No news a lot of Pastors are active and trending on social media This platform pays well and of course, it’s another solid source of income for some pastors. Sessions online, training, lectures, teachings, that generate traffic also generate income.  Some platforms pay thousands to hundreds of thousands for social media engagement.  Facebook, YouTube and so on are very good platforms pastors make a lot of money

Some pastors have private blogs that generate traffic and earn a lot of money from it. They make money from owning a website and getting paid for adverts, affiliate marketing and engagements. When you run ads on a traffic infested system you earn from it.  Lots of millionaires have been made from creating content and making it public on social media. 

Pastors are not exempted from the property mandate and heritage. Jesus Christ became poor that we might be rich. If you are poor it’s not because you are modest or humble it’s because you are not doing something right.

It’s not a crime for a Pastor to be RICH AND AFFLUENT, but this has to be gotten in the right way. 



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