Be Your Own Super Hero – Harrison Avrukpere

Be Your Own Super Hero - Harrison Avrukpere

Be Your Own Super Hero – Harrison Avrukpere

Be Your Own Super Hero – Harrison Avrukpere

In the economy of time, there are times when you will be at loss. Life never promises to be a bed of roses🌹 nor a smooth ride. There are ups and downs. And this you must learn to understand!
And at any point in time in the journey of your life when you are hit to the ground due to some unforeseen challenges or the hardness of life and you fall to “rock-bottom”, there are only two ways out.

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It is either you remain there for long with the thoughts of depression without anyone coming to your rescue or you gather up the remaining strength left within you to by all means find your way out. You see, when you hit the rock-bottom of life, many won’t know you’re there and even when you cry for help most times people are too busy that they can’t hear your voice.
Not that these people really don’t want to help you but in a way, they are all running to save themselves from their fears also. In such a time, you must become your own SUPERHERO. At every given point in time in your life, you must learn how to save yourself from death into the pull of depression and suicide when no one is there to help you.

Be Your Own Super Hero – Harrison Avrukpere

You must learn how to put your shit together, dry up your tears and with your weak and tired feet gather up the strength to rise. To find your way out. It might require you to try and believe again when there’s no hope of any coming to pass. It might require you to try again after much rejection and insult. It might require you to fight back for the dignity you once lost to ignorance. It might require you to fight for the life you desire even when you’ve failed countless times. You must have the little inner strength to try and stretch forth even when you’ve been beaten by life. By all means, never die in your challenges.

Be Your Own Super Hero 

Resolve that even if no one comes to your rescue you’ll be your own Super Hero. You won’t wallow in the pull of depression and weariness for long. By all means, avoid the tragedy of living a life of depression. Life is a journey don’t quit yet. There are better days ahead. And when you rise, then you can be lifted and strength would be supplied and others would come to the brightness of your rising.
You must understand that you are all you got!


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