Home Healthy Living Can You Include CBG Flower in Your Drinks and Beverages?

Can You Include CBG Flower in Your Drinks and Beverages?

Can You Include CBG Flower in Your Drinks and Beverages?
Can You Include CBG Flower in Your Drinks and Beverages?

Can You Include CBG Flower in Your Drinks and Beverages?

Can You Include CBG Flower in Your Drinks and Beverages?

CBG is currently a rising star in the cannabis industry due to its benefits and uniqueness. Its merits have made it one of the fastest-growing products, but there are still too few variations available in the market.

So, if you get your hands on some of the best cbg flower, we know what to do with them. You can put in some time and effort to create a delicious CBG smoothie, tea, or other drinks. Read ahead to find out how!

What Is CBG Flower?

People often confuse CBG with CBD, but it’s not a typo. CBG stands for Cannabigerol, present in the hemp plant. Technically, people refer to it as the mother of all cannabinoids. It is said so, as most other cannabinoids root from this one. So even the CBD molecules in the industrial hemp plant were once Cannabigerol.


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Due to this, it has gained a positive reputation in the industry. It also has some unique benefits backed by solid clinical evidence. Though even that amount of evidence is not sufficient yet- users hope it will receive recognition as a helpful supplement.  

The CBG flower is an industrial hemp flower sprayed with additional Cannabigerol. It enhances the compound concentration as the natural amount is too less to feel the effects. People use it by smoking, vaping, baking, etc.

Ways To Incorporate CBG Flower in Your Beverages

Using the CBG flower can be tricky for most users, especially newer ones. So, adding them to your beverage may even be twice as hard as throwing them into a batch of brownies. But with a few tricks, you can make the most delicious flower beverages.

1. Steep The Flower

CBG flowers contain all their benefits, but heat brings them to life. They are a good way to consume cannabis. You can find Cannabigerol leaves in stores, but getting the Cannabigerol flower is relatively straightforward. From there, you can use hot water and pour it over the recommended dose of flowers. Let the mixture steep for a few minutes to extract all its components.

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Then strain it like you would strain tea leaves out of regular tea. You can add sugar or honey to enhance its flavor or enjoy it as is. It is best served without milk and includes all the CBG flower benefits you want.

2. Blend it Into a Smoothie

Since CBD flower is more of an edible substance, it is best to treat it like one. Many people use morning smoothies to get their day started. And what do people do when they want to drink things intended for eating- they blend them?

So to make the yummiest smoothie, you can blend the flower powder or the CBG oil in the smoothie. The other ingredients can include your favorite fruits like bananas and berries. You can also add some milk or some yogurt to help blend it. However, making a powder of the CBG flower beforehand is an ideal choice to avoid flower chunks.

3. Juice It with Fruits

To juice the flower, you will need to soak it first. You can do so in cold water, at least overnight. But if you have a time crunch, use the same method you use to make flower tea. Pour hot water over the flowers to pull out all of their nutrients.

Ensure to add only a little water, as it may make your final product too watered. Then you can juice it in a juicer to get the ultimate juice. Alternatively, blend it in a blender and strain it through a fine sieve. It is best to blend or juice it with other fruits or veggies, as the CBG amount is too low for blending or juicing.

4. Powder And Mix It in Beverages

Steeping the flower or blending it may be a bothersome process. If you wish to make your Cannabigerol flower experience much easier- you can grind it. It makes the flower much more flexible and easier to mix with beverages. 

Moreover, some people do not like the texture of the blended CBG flower. So, you can grind it into a fine powder and mix it in instead. It will go seamlessly with the drink you made and not appear as chunks. But you must mix the powder with a small amount of the liquid first to ensure no lumps.

5. Get CBG Concentrate 

If you find Cannabigerol flowers too complicated to incorporate into your beverages, you can always opt for a concentrate. It is a concentrated form of Cannabigerol and sometimes other cannabinoids too. However, it is a distilled liquid- it saves much time while preparing.

All you have to do is add a few drops to the drink of your choice. This way, you can make cocktails or smoothies in no time. And you would also feel more intense effects of the component through a concentrate. And if you do not wish to have any other cannabinoids in your CBG, you can opt for this option.

Is It Safe to Consume?

Many people worry about Cannabigerol because they think it might be psychoactive. But the CBG flowers share one common feature with CBD-no psychoactive effects. Like CBD, it also offers no highs, only its merits. 

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Since many people confuse both substances with THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis, it has a bad reputation. Cannabigerol flowers do not have the potential to make you high. However, there could still be some THC in the hemp flower.

Yet the CBG flowers produced by the manufacturers always have a THC level of 0.3% or lower. Aside from not making you high, it doesn’t have many side effects. Most side effects are minimal and go away with a few uses. 


CBG is a relatively new addition to the list of cannabis products. And though it has gained a steady fanbase, it is still not as widely known as CBD. So, you might not find multiple Cannabigerol products on the internet as easily.

But even if you get ingredients like the CBG Flower, you can use your skills to turn them into something yummy. Our tricks to make the perfect Cannabigerol drink will help you make the ultimate drink in the comfort of your home.


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