Home Audio Messages Download Mp3 | All REINHARD BONNKE Messages Audio (1940-2019)

Download Mp3 | All REINHARD BONNKE Messages Audio (1940-2019)


Download Mp3 | All REINHARD BONNKE Messages Audio (1940-2019)

Download Mp3 | All REINHARD BONNKE Messages Audio (1940-2019)

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Bonnke had been an evangelist and missionary in Africa since 1967. He was a blessing to this generation and beyond. A man to reckon with, a complete oracle and a voice to listen to.

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Reinhard Bonnke was born in Konigsberg, East Prussia, Germany on the 19th of April, 1940. His father was an army logistics officer. He got born again at age 9 after his mother discussed with him a sin he committed. At age 10, he sensed the call of God upon his life to working as a missionary in Africa.

He was a student of Bible College of Wales. And for seven years after graduation, he pastored in Germany.

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His evangelical ministry to Africa in 1967 in Lesotho, and now it has expanded across the continent. He founded the mission organization “Christ For All Nations (CfaN)” in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1974. In 1986, the headquarters was moved to Frankfurt, Germany.

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Bonnke is known for his great faith in God and his mighty crusades in Africa. It was recorded that in 1984, a 34,000-seater tent was constructed for a crusade, but a wind storm destroyed it even before the major meeting took place, and then the meeting was held in an open-air, and there was a turnout of over 100,000 people, a 34,000-seater tent could not have contained them.

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Bonnke was known as the Billy Graham of Africa. The 2000 crusade in Lagos Nigeria was known to be the largest, there was a turnout of about six million people. Reinhard Bonnke got married to Anni Suelze in 1964 and their union was blessed with three children. He died on the 7th of December 2019.

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Download Mp3 | All REINHARD BONNKE Messages Below

Be Filled with the Fire of the Holy Spirit (21MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Bow and Arrow (34MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
New Beginning in Christ ft. Joyce Meyer (13MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Faith and Fire (8MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
God Uses Ordinary People (32MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
The Mighty Power in the Blood (21MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Holy Spirit Features (30MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Holy Spirit and Great Commission (26MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
How I Learned Faith (15MB)DOWNLOAD MP3


I Am With You Always! (15MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
If You Won’t. Someone Else Will! (12MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Jesus and the Adulterous Woman (24MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Jesus is Alive! (20MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Jesus is Knocking! (26MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Jesus is the Life (28MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Marked by the Blood of Jesus (5MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Miracle in Your Hands (21MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Pentecostal Fire is the Norm (20MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Fire Power (29MB)DOWNLOAD MP3

Download Mp3 | All REINHARD BONNKE Messages Below

From Minus to Plus (21MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
The Knocking Jesus (25MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Holy Spirit of the Lord (27MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
The ABC of the Gospel (27MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
We Have Eternal Purpose (30MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
The Way Up is Down (13MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Finding God’s Will for Your Life (13MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Igniting a Passion for the Lost (13MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Living in the Miraculous (13MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Principles for Success (13MB)DOWNLOAD MP3


Give Jesus all the Rooms of Your Heart (18MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Go, Sin No More! (31MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
God is Breaking Every Restriction (12MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Harvest Time Part 1 (13MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Harvest Time Part 2 (13MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Hell is Real! (25MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
How to Choose Your Perfect Companion (27MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
The Fire Power of God (29mb)DOWNLOAD MP3
Living a Spirit-filled Life ft. Joyce Meyer (25MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Final Sermon in Africa (49MB)DOWNLOAD MP3

Download Mp3 | All REINHARD BONNKE Messages Below

Relation with Holy Spirit (28MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
The Blood of Jesus (23MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
The Image of God (15MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
The Power of Persistence (21MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
The Rich Man and Lazarus (34MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
The Woman at the Well (35MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Passing the Torch (53MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
God Uses Ordinary People! (5MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Releasing the Fire Within (40MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
What is Evangelism? (35MB)DOWNLOAD MP3
Who Jesus Calls & Equips (14MB)DOWNLOAD MP3



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