Top 145+ Happy New Month Prayers, Wishes & Declarations For February 2023

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    Top 145+ Happy New Month Prayers, Wishes & Declarations For February 2023

    Top 145+ Happy New Month Prayers, Wishes & Declarations For February 2023

    New Year Wishes, Prayers & Declarations For February 2023

    February 2023 is upon Us, As a culture and ethical practice, starting the year with good wishes and prayers to self and loved ones come in handy. Showing gratitude to God and wishing and hoping for the best all through the month is a positive way to start.




    Below are the top 145+ prayer points, wishes, declarations, and confessions that would give a positive vibe and start as we unlock the month of February 2023.


    New Year Prayers, Wishes, and Messages For Loved Ones/Family

    • In this new year, your path only shines brighter and brighter until the perfect day. You know no setback in Jesus’ name. (Proverbs 4:18)
    • May this year bring you a stunning, never-ending smile! It’s joy unspeakable, full of glory for you. A very happy new year to you. (1 Peter 1:8)
    • I hope that when this year comes to an end, all of the challenges do as well and that the New Year ushers in all of the pleasure and prosperity for you and your loved ones. (Psalm 23:6)
    • In my life, you have served as both a role model and a live example. I was able to make some smart decisions in my life because of your sound advice. Happy New Year! (Proverbs 11:14)
    • Best wishes for the new year to a deserving person. A person whose goals never fade, who has refined taste and learning, and who never wonders how to replace lost memories and adventure hopes—for, with such a person, nothing is ever a loser!
    • I hope the new year brings you and your family health, happiness, success, and prosperity! Happy beginning to a fantastic year! (3 John 2)
    • I wish you a happy and healthy 2023. Happy New Year to you and your family! (John 10:10)
    • You already know how important you are to me and how much you influence my life. I find it impossible to imagine it without you! Happy New Year! (Proverbs 17:17)
    • May you continue to be blessed by the Almighty for a very long time, and may you live a long and healthy life to lead and direct us. A very happy new year in 2023 to you. (Psalm 92:16)
    • May you experience success, joy, and happiness in the coming year! I want to wish you and your family a very happy new year! Happy and prosperous New Year to you.
    • God made you a very unique creation. May you have happiness in your heart and not even a single tear fall from your cheek. A happy new year to you. (Psalm 139:14)

    Happy New Month Prayers, Wishes & Declarations For February 2023


    1. May God specially attend to your situation this month, and your family’s too. Happy newest month.
    1. It shall be well with you all that is yours this month and beyond. Happy newest month.

    2. The doors of blessings shall be opened for you & your Family throughout this month, and forever. A happy new month to you all from me.

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    1. May you continue to dwell within the cover of the Almighty this month and forever. Have a blessed month.
    1. No traces of sadness shall be linked to your home this month but you shall enjoy the best of God. Have a glorious month.
    1. As long as there is God in Heaven, you will never know shame but joy everlasting. A happy new month to you.
    1. Every spirit working to re-position your destiny shall perish by fire and you shall overcome all challenges in this month.

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    1. This shall be your best month and the following months shall be better. Enjoy the best of the month!
    1. Of all that will testify around you at the end of this month, you shall take the lead. A happy new month to you.
    1. Your wealth and miracles will arrive this month, and your peace and joy shall be permanent. Happy birthday to you.
    1. As of today, you will rise above limitations and you shall testify to God’s goodness in all that concerns you. Happy new month.

    New Month Wishes, Prayers & Declarations For February 2023


    1. Your success this month shall attract celebrations. Watch out for the best. Happy new month.
    1. The devil will not hack into the secret of your success this month and forever. Have a blessed month.

    2. The evil ones shall not manipulate the password to your JOY and FAVOUR this month. Enjoy the best of the month.

    1. YOU and your FAMILY are born to win and rule and so shall your testimony be this month. A happy new month to you and yours.
    1. Remain blessed. Remain unshaken. The Lord has got your back this month. A happy new month to you.
    1. I see this month answering all your heart desires. Be expectant. Happy new month.

    2. This month, your expectations shall not be cut short and your testimony shall not be hindered. Happy new month.

    1. In all that you will do this month, God shall be your guide. You shall succeed. Happy new month.
    1. Don’t worry about the past months, this month will end in praise. Just be hopeful. Happy new month.

    When you sit and think, you shall remember this month for goodness and favour. Your joy shall remain forever. Happy new month love.

    Happy New Year Prayers, Wishes, and Messages For Friends/Best Friends


    • The years I spend with you get better and better! In 2023, let’s create more lasting impressions. I’m eager to see what the upcoming year has in store. I hope the new year brings you nothing but happiness. (Proverbs 17:17)
    • Because of you, I was confident that I could overcome anything I encountered this year. I’m grateful for our wonderful friendship. (Proverbs 18:24)
    • I’m incredibly amazed by everything you did last year and am eager to see what you accomplish in 2023. For it is not by power nor by your might. God’s spirit is with you. (Zechariah 4:6)
    • Here’s to another year filled with happiness, humor, and cherished memories shared with a special buddy!
    • Let 2023 be the year you prioritize progress over perfection and relish each accomplishment as you work toward your objectives. You are more than enough, you are more than able. (Philippians 4:13)
    • I pray God grants all of your wishes and supplies all your needs. One more chance to make your dreams a reality has arrived this year. Dear, happy new year. (Philippians 4:19) 
    • It was a lovely remembrance of last year. A special person like you will have special experiences in the upcoming year. A very happy new year to you.


    New Year Prayers, Wishes, and Messages For Broadcast Messages 


    • A new year is similar to beginning a new book in your life. This is your chance to create a fantastic self-story. May all the resources and support you need to create this life find you. (Joel 2:26)
    • I hope that as the new year approaches, you will welcome it with open arms and go forward with faith, hope, and courage.
    • Imagine how much further you will advance in this new year after all the progress you have already made! You are more than able and I’m rooting for you. (2 Corinthians 12:9)
    • May this new year take you on an exciting new journey filled with memorable encounters and closer bonds with people. Your good time has finally come! (Psalm 102:13)
    • Surely, only goodness and mercies shall follow you all the days of your life. You will live in abundance, health, prosperity, and favor from this year onwards. Happy New Year! (Psalm 23:6)
    • New dreams, new goals, new desires, new hope. The old has gone in your life. For all your shame and pain, new glory and new gains have come. For all your mistakes, a new chapter is opened. Happy new year. (Isaiah 43:19)
    • The new year brings with it fresh beginnings for hopes, resolutions, spirits, and my best wishes for you. Have a prosperous and successful new year! I hope that in the coming year, you will find it all within yourself.
    • I wish you tremendous success this year as you pursue your goals, and I wish you an amazing ride. I hope that as the new year unfolds, it will be full of promises of a bright future. (Psalm 1:3)
    • May this year be filled with beautiful memories and fresh hopes for your future. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year Prayers, Wishes, and Messages For Husband/Wife 


    • It’s a new phase for us. It’s a new season of recommitment, love, and service. I pray that this year makes us stronger and moves us toward the future we see. (Deuteronomy 33:25)
    • Thank you for doing life with me for this past year. Thank you for being present for us. I see your sacrifices and don’t take you for granted. This new year shall satisfy your desires in Jesus’ name. (Psalm 132:15)
    • It’s surprising to think that another year has already passed. When you’re with the person you love most, time goes quickly. Happy new year
    • Just like wine gets stronger as time passes, it’s a new level of strength for us and our families. This is a good time to say my commitment to this remains. Happy new year, wife/husband of my youth. (Proverbs 5:18)
    • Love, happy new year! With you by my side, I feel like I can do anything in this new year. We appreciate your unwavering love and assistance throughout the past year. Let’s hope for an even  better year. (Ecclesiastes 4:9)
    • Happy new year dear. You only get better. This year you shall experience no downtime or setbacks. Your prayers get speedy answers and your goals are achieved with ease. (Proverbs 4:18)
    • Love is as strong as death. Love and grace have kept us thus far and it is released upon us afresh. All our hurts and pains are gone. We are starting a new beginning today. Happy New Year. (Song of Songs 8:6) 
    • What’s in this new year for you? Happiness, peace, loads of love, more treats, more dates, more food, and more of me. Happy new year, the only one I can think of. (Joel 2:26)
    • I find it hard to believe where the past year has taken us, and I’m excited to see where we go in 2023. I adore you.
    • Hey! We fought a lot, we had misunderstandings, and we had bad times but the good news is that we can now say all of that was last year. The old is gone dear. I pray this year brings us well in Jesus’ name. I love you. (Isaiah 43:19)

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    • You contributed to the joy and laughter that permeated this past year. May this offer us everything of the above and more.
    • Here’s my new year commitment to you. I will stay even when things are rough. I will stay until they get better. If there’s one person you will always see by your side this year. It is me. Happy new year, my love. (Genesis 2:24)
    • You made a difficult year easier by bringing joy, love, and friendship into it. Cheers to tackling the world together for another year. (Ecclesiastes 4:9)
    • I appreciate all the love you’ve given me this year. I’m aware that we both made mistakes, but you’ll see that we will make amends to one another in the coming year. I cherish you. Happy new year
    • Happy new year, mine. You have been my good old friend from day one. You have brought me a smile and stayed while I cried. Cheers to a new year of friendship. (Proverbs 18:24)

    Happy New Year Prayers, Wishes, and Messages For Your Boss


    • I appreciate everything you’ve done for me over the past year; without you, I couldn’t have succeeded. I hope the new year brings you and your family health, happiness, and wealth. (Psalm 112:3)
    • I’m confident that our team will have its finest year yet in the coming year with a leader like you! I’m looking forward to seeing how our team develops under your outstanding leadership in the coming year!
    • I appreciate your motivating me to work hard the past year. I wish you unending favor in the upcoming year. (Psalm 102:13)
    • In my life, you have served as both a role model and a live example. I was able to make some smart decisions in my life because of your timely advice. Happy New Year! (Proverbs 11:14)
    • I’m glad to have you in my life, and I’m even thrilled to have you with me in the coming year. I pray we celebrate many more years together as you help me grow. Happy new year sir/ma.  (Numbers 6:24-25)

    Best New Year Prayers, Wishes, and Messages For Your Children


    • My kid, you are my most cherished asset. In the coming year, I promise to be a better person for you. Angel, happy new year! (1 Peter 2:9)
    • Without your introduction into our lives, we could never have formed a family. You completely reshaped our lives and made them happy. Happy New Year from your parents. (Psalm 127:3)
    • May the coming year be a new chapter in your life filled with fresh discoveries. I want to wish you a very Happy New Year with tons of love and blessings. (Deuteronomy 28:3)
    • I hope life continues to provide you with fresh experiences that will help you overcome obstacles and become a more successful person. Happy new year, child!
    • May the upcoming year bring you joy and light, and may it be filled with beautiful experiences. Good luck and success to you, my dear! (Joshua 1:8)
    • Taking appropriate action at the correct time is the ultimate goal of learning in life. May the new year of 2023 grant you wisdom and conscience to make the next years of your life the finest of your life! (Daniel 11:32)
    • May the year 2023 be filled with joy and smiles for you. May you have another wonderful year filled with fresh experiences that help you grow as a person. I hope for many lively, enjoyable, and playful sessions. My cutest child, a very happy new year to you.
    • Making resolutions for the upcoming year is best done at the beginning of the year and should be done with all of your heart. I hope that no matter what goals you set for yourself, you will be able to achieve them. Wishing you a happy and blessed Happy New Year with plenty of love and hugs.
    • Dad and Mom pray for you to be blessed with a smile as bright as the sun, a powerful beam of energy, and a heart full of joy as you enter the New Year. (Numbers 6:25)
    • We pray that you may be endowed with the courage to oppose prejudice and uphold God’s ways. Happy New Year, child. We adore you so much. (2 Timothy 4:7)
    • May the upcoming New Year bring you happiness, success, harmony, wealth, and prosperity. We wish our beloved son/daughter a happy new year! (Psalm 23:6)
    • Hello Son, you must make this New Year memorable. You have the capacity to transform and evolve like a phoenix in order to improve yourself and your circumstances. Happy New Year. (Philippians 4:7)
    • Take on the New Year with a fresh look, a fresh mission, and a fresh, positive attitude. It won’t just make your life easier; you’ll come out on top. Grandiose greetings from Mom and Dad for the new year.
    • To ensure that the moments are treasured memories for all time, you must make every moment worth remembering. May you have many exciting memories in the coming year. A happy new year 2023.
    • You are the angel that God sent to the earth as His blessing in our time. Happy New Year, my precious son/daughter. I hope you experience heavenly happiness as well.  (Isaiah 12:3) 

    New Year Prayers, Wishes, and Messages With Scriptures For Your Pastor 


    • You have always offered assistance and direction. You have always supported me in good times and bad. I’d like to wish you a very happy new year, pastor. (Psalm 128:2)
    • May the celebration of the new year fill your life with joy and serenity forever. We appreciate all the love and blessings you have bestowed upon us over the years.  (Isaiah 26:3)
    • You have put a lot of effort towards preserving humanity’s faith in God. You are the one who led us in the right direction. I’d like to wish you a happy new year.
    • Your counsel has always given us the courage to endure trying times. We wish you a happy new year and a prosperous year ahead. (Proverbs 11:14)
    • You are the one who is constantly available to lead us in the dark and provide us with wisdom. I hope your New Year is filled with love and happiness. (Jeremiah 3:15)
    • Best wishes for the New Year are sent to the pastor who has always been there to make our lives happy. I wish you a nice new year.
    • We have always been blessed by you. You are the one who has consistently made us grin. I’d like to wish you a happy new year. You have always been there to make our trip through life’s challenging paths joyful for us. I appreciate your pastor’s advice. A happy new year to you. (Proverbs 11:25)
    • We hope that the upcoming year will offer you more goodness and joy than the last. Good luck in the new year to you.
    • I’d like to welcome you into the year of unending favors and blessings. I wish you and your family the best of health throughout this new year and beyond, and I wish you the best of luck in all of your ministry endeavors. (Psalm 102:13)
    • My pastors, brace yourself for unbelievable breakthroughs. You will be receiving a bumper package this new year. Happy new year, dad and mom. Everything you wished for last year but couldn’t get is coming to you this year in abundance. (Ephesians 3:20)
    • The Lord will continue to bless you this year, and you will receive twice as much as you did last year. You will also experience prosperity and nothing will go to waste. (Numbers 6:24-25)

    Best New Year Prayers, Wishes, and Messages For Colleagues/Coworkers


    • A new year is the beginning of something new. You will undoubtedly use this to achieve greater heights and success in your lives, I’m confident. New Year’s greetings. (Deuteronomy 28:13)
    • To an inspirational colleague. I’m really proud of you for your successes and accomplishments. Wishing you continued success in this new year. (Philippians 1:6)
    • It’s a pleasure to welcome you to a new chapter in your life. This year will bring you a lot.
    • I’ve enjoyed working with you as a colleague and look forward to doing so again in the future. Happy new year 2023.
    • May we all enjoy success and happiness this year! A happy new month and a happy new year. (Psalm 1:3)
    • Anything you can imagine, you can achieve. Best wishes for this year, friend! (Philippians 4:7)
    • Happy New Year to my best coworker, who is there for me every day at work and who I greatly appreciate your assistance. May God grant you all the best in life. (John 10:10)
    • A very special person in my life deserves the best new year. I hope this year marks the start of brighter things for you. (Proverbs 4:18)
    • You have a wonderful year, my dear coworker. May this year bring you joy, happiness, and most importantly, good health. (3 John 2)
    • You will be so happy and prosperous this year that you will always be grateful. Happy new year, my cherished coworker.
    • May all your intentions come to pass as we start this new year, and may God grant you the fortitude to be successful in everything you do. Enjoy the new year! (Psalm 37:4)
    • As he has done over the course of last year, I pray that God will continue to give you wisdom, courage, and good health. Enjoy the new year! (Isaiah 33:6)
    • I pray that God will give you the strength to tackle all of your obligations this year while guiding and guarding you against the devil’s cunning schemes. Enjoy the new year! (Ephesians 3:16) 
    • Happy new year to a very special coworker; I hope you have success and prosperity throughout the entire year.

    New Year Prayers, Wishes, and Messages For Boyfriend/Girlfriend 


    • I used to make a New Year’s prayer to find a man who would genuinely love me with all of his heart. Since I already have you, this will be the first time I won’t make that wish. Happy new year, love. (Proverbs 18:22)
    • I know it’s hard to love me, but you’ve always been there for me, even when I was at my worst. I appreciate you never leaving me. I promise to better comprehend us in the coming year. Happy new year. (Proverbs 18:24)
    • I made a New Year’s resolution to make sure you never experience loneliness again and that you will always have me by your side. Cheers to a year of togetherness. (Proverbs 17:17)
    • You are the most exquisite piece of art that God has ever created, in my opinion! The nicest part is that he gave you to me! I’ll cherish you this new year. (Psalm 139:14)
    • When I’m in your embrace, I forget about all my concerns. I hope that this year will be filled with wonderful memories of you and me. Blessed new year celebration.
    • If I could have three wishes, they would be to always be with you, to always love you, and to always have your heart. May our wishes be granted this 2023. Happy new year, bae.
    • My heart beats for you every second of every day, and every moment seems so fresh while I’m with you. You have my undying love even this year. (Song of Songs 8:6)
    • For the rest of my life, my love for you would remain sincere and unflappable. I pray that God would provide us with a happy new year spent together. (Romans 5:5)
    • I’m wishing my love a very happy new year and want you to know how much you mean to me. You are everything to me. I love you, honey, and happy new year!
    • I never thought two souls would cross paths and fall in love this deeply. You are my life’s love and the beat of my heart. Love, happy new year! (Ecclesiastes 4: 9)
    • I felt alive the minute you entered my heart. I experienced a rebirth-like sensation. You were the element I was missing in my life. You helped me feel whole. Happy New Year, sweetheart! (Genesis 2:18)
    • Darling, I guarantee that you’ll never feel alone because I’ll give you my undivided attention and do everything in my power to make you feel special. Happy New Year, my love!
    • My love, because of you, love is wonderful. I appreciate your affection. Happy New Year, sweetheart! (Song of Songs 4:10)

    Happy New Year Prayers, Wishes, and Messages With Scriptures For Employees/Staff


    • I’m extremely fortunate to have a staff like you. May the upcoming new year bring you success and wealth. Greetings for the new year. (3 John 2)
    • As the old year ends and a new chapter begins for us, I want to reassure you that you can. Yes, you can overcome all of the difficulties in the upcoming year and succeed. New Year’s greetings (Philippians 4:7)
    • I want to take this chance to thank each and every one of you for your fantastic work this year. I wish you and your family a happy new year! (Psalm 23:6)
    • You made every obstacle this year into an opportunity. This new year, things more than you can think or imagine will happen to you. Happy New Year to you, your loved ones, and your friends. (Numbers 6:24-25) 
    • Achievements and successes are a natural part of life. And as the old year ends, I wish you great success in the coming year. I wish you a fantastic and happy new year!
    • May this year be blessed with happiness, love, and prosperity. With your family and friends, I wish you a wonderful year ahead. Happy New Year, you guys! (Joel 2:26)
    • I want to wish you joy and lightness of spirit as one year comes to a close and another begins. I hope you have a fantastic new year. And for everyone you care about, make this one more memorable. (Deuteronomy 28:3)
    • Many thanks to you, my wonderful staff. You bring so much to the table, and I’m grateful. I hope the upcoming year is successful for you. Have a lovely, joyous, and lovely day. (Nehemiah 8:10)


    With these New Year Prayers, Wishes, and Messages With Scriptures, you have the chance to let people know that you care about them and are thinking about them.


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