Sylvester Orononi’s Death: Parents & School Management Are To Blame.

Sylvester Orononi's Death: Parents & School Management Are To Blame.

Sylvester Orononi’s Death: Parents & School Management Are To Blame.

Sylvester Orononi’s Death: Parents & School Management Are To Blame.

A shocking story trending on the internet is the demise of a young and bright shining student of Dowen College, Sylvester Orononi. 

The deceased died from a Gangster assault and bullying from fellow students who posed to be a cult group. They molested and beat up the young man who was then rushed to the hospital and eventually lost the battle over his life days later. The video of this has already gone viral on social media platforms.


That’s the video. For those requesting for it. This is very pathetic

— AGK (@ugboaja_ejike) December 2, 2021

This was the state of Sylvester junior before he died. He couldn’t raise a leg or an arm.

— Perrie (@perrisonoromoni) December 2, 2021

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Nigerians have reacted to this heinous act and even the Government of Lagos state has shut down the school. An investigation is ongoing as a lot is still unfolding. 

But let’s face the facts here, the parents are to blame, more so the parents of the murderers. 

I have written an article about Godly and proper Parenting READ HERE

Sylvester Orononi’s Death: Parents & School Management Are To Blame.


If your child shows a sign that he/she is a victim of bullying, don’t take it lightly. Tackle that situation with immediate effect. 

A lot of dysfunctional families and parenting have raised hoodlums and vagabonds and the fact that these homes have affluence they send their children to Good schools. These children spoilt from their upbringing become nuisance and prey on gullible kids just as in Sylvester’s case. 

Lessons are to be learnt from this pathetic story. 

However, while the investigation is ongoing we wait for the final verdict.  The school on the other hand is first to be blamed for condoning such groups as reports gathered reveal that they were notified of previous acts. Such should never be condoned but we can say the power of affluence and influence has its effect on this matter. 

The parents of those hoodlums must have a good standing with the management of the school to still allow such activity on the school premises. 

Although investigations are still ongoing, the little reports from eyewitnesses could conclude that the management is obviously corrupt. A first-hand witness revealed that one of the suspects was released to his parents at the early hours of the day. 

Such should never be condoned.

Sylvester Orononi’s Death: Parents & School Management Are To Blame.

The need for Godly parenting can never be overemphasized, if a child is well brought up he/she bring joy to the parents in old age. When you fail to train a child you have signed up for whatever they would bring in the future and it most times ends badly. 

The parents of the killers must think it’s all about getting what children want that entails training. What could make a child of 12-15 think of cultism as a means to become relevant in future. Something happened in the growth process and that is on the parents. 

Discipline your child and secure their future and yours. Already a murderer before the end of puberty and possibly to serve life behind bars. No no, that’s a waste of the child God gave to you to train and bring the best out of.

May God Help Us All 

As the investigation continues we would have a grasp of the whole issue. 


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