Home News University Suspends Christian Student Who Criticized Transgender Ideology

University Suspends Christian Student Who Criticized Transgender Ideology

University Suspends Christian Student Who Criticized Transgender Ideology

University Suspends Christian Student Who Criticized Transgender Ideology

A student at State University of New York Geneseo claims he was suspended from the education program for his conservative Instagram posts regarding gender and leftist ideologies.

The Daily Wire obtained a copy of emails outlining why the university recently suspended student Owen Stevens. According to the conservative outlet, the school claimed that his posts “called into question” his ability to protect students’ mental well-being in a classroom setting.

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Stevens will remain suspended from in-school field experience and courses until he completes a “remediation plan” that involves removing his Instagram videos, attending training and toning down his social media interaction. Stevens told The Daily Wire he refused to take part in the “re-education” training.

The Christian Post reached out to SUNY Geneseo for comment about Stevens’ suspension. A response was not received before press time. CP also contacted Stevens but was told that legal counsel advised him not to speak with the media.

The university’s response came as a result of Stevens’ Nov. 22 Instagram post discussing the biology of two genders and other posts expressing his conservative ideology on topics like leftism and Christopher Columbus.

University Suspends Christian Student Who Criticized Transgender Ideology

In the video, Stevens said: “I am going to double down on this point right now and I want to make myself very clear, so hear what I’m saying.”

“A man is a man. A woman is a woman. A man is not a woman, and a woman is not a man,” the student stated, pushing back against transgender ideology.

Stevens met with the university and shared on social media that he was dismissed from school due to the nature of his Instagram posts.

On Jan. 21, Stevens posted the university’s statement directed toward him: WAEC Results Checker

“Mr Stevens’ actions do not show the necessary commitment to or reasonably expected potential for meeting professional and ethical standards. Specifically, his Instagram posts do not show respect for the inherent dignity and worth of individuals whose identity or culture falls outside of his own narrow view of acceptable norms.”

In the caption to the screenshot post of the email, Stevens wrote, “Here is my own school messaging me about dismissing me from school due to Instagram posts.”


“This is only the beginning. Leftism destroys,” Stevens argued. “This is proof. Absolutely crazy.”

According to The Daily Wire, the dean of education emailed Stevens and said future teachers are required to support all aspects of gender identity and homosexuality,

The dean allegedly said Stevens’ stance on gender conflicts with New York’s Dignity for All Students Act.

Stevens posted a separate email from the university president’s office addressed to the Geneseo campus community.

University Suspends Christian Student Who Criticized Transgender Ideology

“Yesterday, I was made aware of a student’s Instagram posts pertaining to transgender people. I imagine that reading these sentiments from a member of the Geneseo community raises apprehension for trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming students and their allies,” the president allegedly wrote. “I want to take this opportunity to publicly restate my deep and personal commitment to promoting social justice.”

Stevens shared a screenshot of this email on his Instagram with this response, saying he will not be “silenced by an ideologically driven anti-truth administration.”

“They are trying to discredit basic dissent from conservatives. Unreal,” he contends.

Stevens told The Daily Wire he had received threats due to the nature of his videos.

“I’ve received threats and horrible incidents of students who all feel like they are making the world a better place by becoming the woke thought police,” Stevens was quoted as saying. “Overall, I want justice and the right thing to be done.”

Stevens, the host of the Just Owen podcast, adheres to conservative values and covers culture and politics through a Christian lens. Stevens’ Instagram account espouses his Christian and conservative views through videos and posts on topics such as abortion, race and gender.

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