Home Christian Life 6 Behaviours Parents Should Prevent Their Children From Doing

6 Behaviours Parents Should Prevent Their Children From Doing

6 Behaviours Parents Should Prevent Their Children From Doing

6 Behaviours Parents Should Prevent Their Children From Doing

6 Behaviours Parents Should Prevent Their Children From Doing

Parents Should Prevent Their Children From Doing These

Some behaviours can be dangerous for your children if you don’t stop them from doing them. Parents should know how to discipline their kids when they’re acting badly.  This is because ignoring these bad habits can backfire in the future. The Bible says, Do not withhold discipline from your son; if you beat him with a rod, he will not die” (Prov 23:13).

Spare the rod, and spoil the child is a general but true saying. When a child is in the cradle stage you can mould into what you want. But when he is old it would be a difficult assignment because they hardly depart from what you install into their system. READ PROVERB:22;6 Train Up a child in the way he should go that when he is old he would not depart from it.

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Behaviours Parents Should Stop Their Children From Doing These

These days parents indulge their children and give a blind eye to the negative traits these children display. You might be surprised that they even make excuses for them and encourage them to their destruction. Society would be a better place if parents do their jobs and give proper training. Social sanity, Value, and exponential growth begin at home.

Below are some bad traits and Characters parents should not permit or indulge children to do

1. Keeping Irresponsible/Violent/ Criminal Friends Or Peer Group

Children have found themselves in so many messy situations because of the company they keep. As a parent, you should know which friend is healthy for your children’s well being, Not to be judgmental, keep your children from toxic and unhealthy peers. They gradually introduce your children to bad habits and this, of course, happens in your absence. So get to know their peer group and sensor it.

Peer group can influence your children’s behaviour. More of them involved in drug and alcohol abuse. Peer influence can make individuals become criminals or armed robbers. You need to divert your children from following bad friends because bad colleagues will destroy your children’s futures.

2. Dysfunctional Family Lifestyle Or Structure

As a parent, there are things you don’t do in the presence of your children. Avoid them to see when you are having a misunderstanding as a couple. Children can be very absorbing that even at the cradle they can replicate what they see their parents or guardian do.

Run the home in love, harmony, self-respect and discipline. A dysfunctional family is one of the worst behaviour that can turn a child into a criminal. Lack of parental care and avoiding children’s emotions and feelings can turn responsible children into bad ones. Parents who want their children to be responsible adults should do everything they can to ensure that there is love, peace, and harmony in their homes.

3. Anti-social/ Immoral Traits

Don’t let your children have a safe pass when they display immoral values. Children can be naughty to see what you would do at times. When a child is disrespectful to elders, abusive, violent don’t indulge them quickly rebuke and discipline them. No child is too small fr correction. Don’t allow a child has a safe landing when they use the wrong words on people, Never permot it.

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4. Anti-social Personality Or Traits

Don’t allow your children to be comfortable skipping schools, or complain whenever its time to be responsible. Never encourage them when they want to be absent to a place of learning or impact for not reason. Don’t make their tears blackmail you into allowing that act, make sure the reason is genuine and don’t do that for too long. Make it a habit for your kids to be punctual, committed and involved in places of productive activity. Lazy children end up being criminals because life would come at you in the long run and you must make ends meet to survive.

6 Behaviours Parents Should Prevent Their Children From Doing

5. Poor Self-control

A child who suffered from low self-control will not control his or her impulsivity and temperament. Those types of children fail to think before they take an action. They act on impulse. These children if not managed are dangerous because a hot tempered child might end up in jail or in the morgue. The painful thing is they might carry someone alongside. When you see a child that has a temperamental fault do your best to correct it before it’s too late.  Hot temper kids end up becoming violent adults in the future if not controlled.

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When they always take out their anger on things, people, animals or whatever you must caution them and pray for them.

6. Destuctive/ Wasteful Or Substance Abuse

Don;t encourage waste in your home. Food, substance, properties are valued because they cost money to acquire. When your child wastes or destroys things give then a proper discipline. This will remind them to value the cost and sweat involved in providing such. When you allow children to destroy properties they don’t know the worth and would not have value for them until it becomes late. The use of drugs in inappropriate ways can also influence a kid’s life. This “drug abuse” can also make a child become a drug addict or a prostitute.


Don’t turn a blind eye to the negative traitsyou see in those children, take action. As a parent or guardian take the necessary actions to ensure you raise a proper child. A well trained child is equal to a well behaved generation.


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