Home Christian Life Capacity Building For Relevance In Life (Pt 1)

Capacity Building For Relevance In Life (Pt 1)

Capacity Building For Relevance In Life (Pt 1)

Capacity Building For Relevance In Life (Pt 1)

Capacity Building For Relevance In Life (Pt 1)

What Is Capacity?

Capacity is the ability to hold, receive and absorb, the mental ability to, or power to learn. (Standard Learners dictionary) We can as well say capacity is the ability to bear burdens, to take up responsibilities, finish or accomplish a demanding task.

There is a level to which every man is able to bear, handle or accommodate in all circumstances. In other words, capacity varies in individuals.

Also, No two people have the same level of tolerance or endurance though given the same conditions and engage in similar circumstances. These differences could be as a result of physiological factors or genetics, environmental or social factors. Likewise, Personal or self-induced factors, Spiritual or supernatural factors.

  • Physiological or genetics ;

Physiological or genetics involves capability in specific areas of life that is trans-generational. For example a trait of ability in the offspring of a man who is skilful in a particular area. A singer gives birth to a child which without prior training starts singing from the cradle.

Such capacity we call talent or gifts as we say because no training was responsible for such delivery or ability.

Building Capacity For Exploits (Pt 1)

  • Environmental or social factors ;

Environmental or social factors such as your neighbourhood, schooling environment, workplace, and so on. These also have an impact on our capacity levels. A child that grows up in a hostile environment (ghetto), when found in a place of crisis or chaos, is more articulate and decisive on what to do than a child who has never experienced a quarrel.

Capacity Building For Relevance In Life (Pt 1)

  • Personal factors

Personal factors such as habits, routines or schedule, lifestyle, we keep up as a result of our personal conviction, reservation or beliefs. For example, bodybuilding is a choice to some it could be for just fitness or others mostly for sports but it’s a condition that subjects you to a particular modus operandi and lifestyle. Therefore, it affords you an ability way beyond the ordinary man who doesn’t engage in such activities.

Building Capacity For Exploits (Pt 1)

  • Spiritual factors

Spiritual factors include the divine deposits or residence of supernatural abilities that could only come from God through the Holy Spirit. These abilities are irrespective of your physiological or social or environmental status. A good example is faith, hope, patience, joy, peace, etc they don’t come by human effort alone there is a Helper, The Holy Spirit.

Thus, all these factors affect our capacity levels as individuals, the good news is it can be altered, expanded, increased or enabled as the case may be.

Your capacity is Elastic… if you don’t stretch it you may never discover it is LIMITLESS…….

So what is the point?

Why must I build capacity??



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