Top 5 Best Christian Movies To Watch This Christmas (2021)

Top 5 Best Christian Movies To Watch This Christmas (2021)

Top 5 Best Christian Movies To Watch This Christmas (2021)

Top 5 Best Christian Movies To Watch This Christmas (2021)

5 Best Christian Movies To Watch This Christmas (2021)

As we dive deeper into the Christmas Celebration and Holiday seasons, a good movie time with the family and loved ones is just a perfect Idea.

In recent times, testimonies of help, revival and renewal of faith by watching faith-based movies have led to high demand for more.

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Several movies with Christian messages were released this year 2021. Some are in theatres, while others are now available on digital, Blur-Ray and DVD platforms.

The PreachersPortal Brings to a compilation of top 5 Christian movies you can watch, stream or download with your families and loved ones






SYNOPSIS: “The Shepherd” is a beautifully made, dramatic short movie about the birth of Jesus. It has powerful jeopardy and good plot points. The costumes, set design and acting are all superior. It’s a perfect short movie to introduce people, especially children and grandchildren, to the story of Jesus. MOVIEGUIDE® is grateful that Dallas Jenkins, one of our favorite directors, has decided to direct this series.


(CCC, BBB, M): Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements: Very strong Christian, biblical world view based on the Nativity Story in Luke 2;
Foul Language: No foul language;
Violence: No violence;
Sex: No sexual content;
Nudity: No nudity;
Alcohol Use: No alcohol use;
Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse: No smoking or drugs; and,
Miscellaneous Immorality: Temple priest rejects crippled shepherd’s offering of a blemished lamb, people shun crippled shepherd




SYNOPSIS: The movie relates the story of how a football coach, because of how well his own father treated him, makes it a point of behaving like a father to all the players under him. It focuses on the stories of three different players whose lives are changed by this coach’s positive, compassionate Christian attitude. The coach says he wants to do more than just teach the players football fundamentals. He also wants to make a difference in their lives

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(CCC, BBB, V, AA, M):
Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements: Very strong, evangelistic, profound, Christian, biblical, morally and spiritually uplifting worldview, with many references to God, Jesus, prayer, and the Bible, but not at all preachy or dull
Foul Language: No foul language
Violence: No depicted violence, some football blocking in-game footage, man relates story how his alcoholic father told him he was going to kill his mother when she came home, some talk about abusive fathers, and some references to deaths in families
Sex: No sex, but a story is related to how a 16-year-old girl gave up her baby for adoption without telling the father
Nudity: No nudity
Alcohol Use: Some discussion about fathers who had drinking problems
Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse: No smoking or drugs; and,
Miscellaneous Immorality: Light references to some families and children being abandoned by their fathers.



SYNOPSIS: The story follows Holly Everton, a small-town girl who loves Christmas and romance. Holly has spent her entire life helping her family and watching her Great Aunt Lillian make perfect matches. All her life, Holly has been imagining what her perfect guy would be like and hoping her Great Aunt would pair her up with her Mr. Perfect, like she did with her best friend, Angela, and Holly’s brother, Spencer.


(BB, C, A, M):
Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements: Strong moral worldview with light Christian, redemptive elements is set during the Christmas holidays where the characters are all trying to find the right thing to do by looking at situations and trying to figure out the right thing to do, the lead female character tries to bring joy into a man’s life via Christmas charm and showing there’s more to life than just being comfortable, a man helps lead female character to learn that her need to interfere in other people’s lives and force her opinions on them can be damaging, the story shows how a Romantic, emotional worldview can be harmful, forgiveness is promoted, and the melody to “Silent Night” is heard
Foul Language: No obscenities or profanities
Violence: No violence
Sex: No sex
Nudity: No nudity
Alcohol Use: There’s some alcohol use during a bachelorette party, and the maid of honor stumbles a little bit as she goes back and forth between the party and a date she’s supposed to be having with the movie’s romantic interest
Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse: No smoking or drugs;
Miscellaneous Immorality: Maid of honor withholds information from the bride and her own new boyfriend but gets into trouble doing that and eventually learns her lesson.



SYNOPSIS: Unlike most people, young Sara Hopkins is willing to take God at His word. So, when she hears a preacher say faith can move mountains, she starts praying! What begins with a mysteriously healed bird leads to people suddenly cured of their misery and misfortune all over town. But the overwhelming crush of notoriety and press attention soon takes its toll on Sara. Will her family be able to save their miracle girl before it’s too late?”


Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements: Very strong Christian, Biblical worldview stresses faith, prayer, family, miracles, morality, forgiveness, hope, and using the Bible, a man prays to God for forgiveness, girl recounts stories from the Bible like Lazarus, girl prays to God for thanks, girl’s family attends church, girl recites The Lord’s Prayer, boy wears a cross necklace, a nonbeliever is converted, young girl heals animals and heals people who are injured or blind, Jesus is seen on a lake, girl gives credit to God for her miracles, and resurrection through Jesus is supported
Foul Language: No foul language
Violence: Boy shoves another boy in a soccer game, a man throws a punch and breaks up a fight, three boys crash off bikes, a dog gets hit by a car, and a high-speed chase in a thunderstorm occurs
Sex: No sex
Nudity: No nudity
Alcohol Use: Teenagers drink beer
Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse: Teenager smokes a cigarette; and,
Miscellaneous Immorality: Two boys steal food without paying, and a girl is taken from the hospital without her parents’ consent.



Kirk Franklin A Gospel Christmas

SYNOPSIS: When Olivia (Demetria McKinney), a young assistant pastor, gets assigned to be a lead pastor at a new church a month before Christmas, she’s fearful she can’t manage the transition, including getting the choir ready to open the town’s annual Winter Jamboree. Banding together with her new congregation, Olivia discovers a new home for herself, and even finds a little Christmas romance along the way! Featuring a special appearance and songs written and arranged by Kirk Franklin.

Genre: Romance, Other
Original Language: English
Director: Erica Sutherlin
Producer: Leslie Greif, Eric Tomosunas, Ron Robinson
Writer: Kourtney Richard
Release Date (Streaming): Dec 5, 2021
Runtime: 1h 30m



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