Download All Watchman Nee PDF Books (1903 – 1972)

Download All Watchman Nee PDF Books (1903 - 1972)

Download All Watchman Nee PDF Books (1903 – 1972)

Download All Watchman Nee PDF Books (1903 – 1972)

Get your free E-book from the Highly revered and anointed Watchman Nee, a revivalist, evangelist and preacher.   He was a blessing to this generation and beyond. A man to reckon with, a complete oracle and voice to listen to.


Watchman Nee was born on the 4th of November, 1903. His father, ‘Ni Weng-hsiu’ was a well-respected officer in imperial custom service in China. He schooled at the Church missionary society vernacular middle school in Fuzhou, Fujian province in 1916. He was a consistent top scorer in his
class. Watchman Nee got born again on the 28th of April, 1920.

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He started ministry by speaking to his classmates concerning his salvation experience, thereby leading them to Christ.

Watchman Nee was a great man, but the truth is that he suffered so many persecutions due to his faithfulness in Christ Jesus. But he was always willing to pay the price, no matter the cost. Nee was known for building local churches, organizing youth training and also writing in China.

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In Shangai, in March 1952, he was arrested and falsely judged for the sake of the Gospel. He was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in 1956. He died in confinement on the 30th of May, 1972.

All Watchman Nee PDF Books Below

A Living Sacrifice (1.31MB) DOWNLOAD PDF 
A Short Biography of Watchman nee (263kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
Aids to Revelation (636kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
Back to the Cross (611kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
Balanced Christian Life (546kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
Basic Elements of the Christian Life volume III (361kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
Body of Christ a Reality (406kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
Love Not the World (433kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
From Faith to Faith (436kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
How to Study the Bible (616kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
Let us Pray (372kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
Not I But Christ (1.46MB) DOWNLOAD PDF 
Spirit of the Gospel (412kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
Spiritual Authority (696kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
The Communion of the Holy Spirit (592kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
The Ministry of God’s Word (896kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
The Normal Christian Church Life (1.46MB) DOWNLOAD PDF 
The Overcoming Life (789kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
The Release of the Spirit (221kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
The Spiritual Man (2.81MB) DOWNLOAD PDF 
The Spiritual Man Volume I (883kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
The Spiritual Man Volume II (1.1MB) DOWNLOAD PDF 
The Spiritual Man Volume III (936kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
The Breaking of the Outer Man (878kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 
Worship God (402kb) DOWNLOAD PDF 


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