Poll Shows Most Millennials & Gen Z Adults Support Abortion Ban When Heartbeat Is Detected

    Poll Shows Most Millennials & Gen Z Adults Support Abortion Ban When Heartbeat Is Detected
    Poll Shows Most Millennials & Gen Z Adults Support Abortion Ban When Heartbeat Is Detected

    Poll Shows Most Millennials & Gen Z Adults Support Abortion Ban When Heartbeat Is Detected

    Poll Shows Most Millennials & Gen Z Adults Support Bans On Abortions When Heartbeat Is Detected

    Most Millennials & Gen Z Adults Support Abortion Ban

    The poll, which was conducted on behalf of the pro-life organization Students for Life of America from January 5 to 11, asked 834 young individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 about their opinions on abortion and the Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion statewide in the United States. The poll comes as pro-life activists prepare to converge in Washington, D.C. on Friday for the annual March for Life, which takes place on the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

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    Before asking if they favored prohibiting abortions after a heartbeat was detected, the survey informed respondents that “the human fetal heart begins to beat 21 days after conception, at 3 weeks gestation.” A total of 52% of those polled said they support banning abortions when a heartbeat is discovered, while 48% said they oppose it.


    In an interview with The Christian Post, Denise Harle, an attorney with the religious liberty law firm Alliance Defending Freedom, responded to the poll’s findings. “I think that’s fantastic news,” she expressed her delight.

    Poll Shows Most Millennials & Gen Z Adults Support Abortion Ban

    “It indicates that… our younger generation recognizes what medical research shows us and what biology teaches us, which is that… life begins at conception, it is a human right, and it should be safeguarded,” Harle told CP.

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    After learning more about Roe v. Wade, several of the young Americans who took part in the poll changed their minds regarding abortion. Initially, 60% of respondents said they supported Roe, with 21% stating they “very strongly supported” the judgment, 26% saying they “strongly supported” it, and 12% saying they “do not strongly favor” it.

    After learning that Roe allows abortions to take place throughout all nine months of pregnancy, right up until the moment of birth, and allows women to abort their children if they do not like the sex of their baby, fear it has an abnormality like Down syndrome, or believe the baby might be same-sex attracted or one day identify as transgender, the percentage of respondents who expressed some level of support for Roe decreased.

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    Roe has also “been used to justify sending U.S. government cash to perform abortions or off-set other expenses of abortion vendors/providers,” permits women to use abortion as contraception, and “ends a disproportionate number of minority lives,” according to the poll. Roe’s popularity had decreased to 50% among those polled by the end of the study.

    Poll Shows Most Millennials & Gen Z Adults Support Abortion Ban

    The number of participants who strongly support Roe fell from 26% to 20%, and the percentage who strongly support Roe fell from 26% to 21%, while 9% said they “do not very strongly support it.” The poll’s findings are consistent with earlier polling findings that “when you ask people about what Roe v. Wade really held, they don’t agree with it,” according to Harle.

    When asked about their opinions on abortion in general, 25% said yes to the statement “I favor an abortion at any moment without exception.” “Abortion after a heartbeat is found, up until the fetus can feel pain,” said 20% of respondents. Twenty-eight percent opposed abortions after a heartbeat was detected, with exceptions for saving the mother’s life or in circumstances of rape or incest.

    Only 17% of respondents supported abortions after a heartbeat was detected, unless the mother’s life was in danger. The remaining 9% were adamantly opposed to abortion in any situation.

    While 80% of respondents agreed that Americans should be able to vote on abortion regulations in their states, only 47% said they would favor an abortion ban in their state, compared to 53% who would oppose one. The proposal that “all Americans, regardless of their convictions on abortion, should pay for abortions internationally using tax monies” was rejected by a majority of respondents (55 percent).

    In cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother’s life, 54 percent of Americans believe that all Americans, regardless of their opinions on abortion, should be required to pay for abortions. Healthcare workers should not be forced to conduct abortions if doing so violates their conscience, according to respondents. Fifty-one percent were opposed to mandating healthcare workers to provide abortions, while 49 percent were in favor.

    Poll Shows Most Millennials & Gen Z Adults Support Abortion Ban

    The survey by Students for Life of America, as well as this year’s March for Life, comes as the Supreme Court considers whether to preserve Mississippi’s 15-week abortion restriction. A verdict in favor of Mississippi, which is trying to keep the prohibition in place, would dramatically undercut Roe v. Wade’s precedent.

    Based on the oral arguments in the case surrounding the Mississippi abortion law, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which took place last month, Harle is “very optimistic” about the future of abortion policy in the United States: “It’s quite possible that Roe v. Wade will be overturned, which would mean that this issue would be returned to the states so that Americans can decide and enact policies consistent with their values, policies that protect life, tha

    “States have been imprisoned for almost 50 years by a single Supreme Court decision in which seven of the nine judges determined that the American people no longer had a vote in safeguarding life as a human right.” As a result, there’s a good chance that in a couple of months, that will be undone. It will also allow us to return to America’s founding values of respect for life and embrace a culture that cherishes life.”

    Poll Shows Most Millennials & Gen Z Adults Support Abortion Ban

    Harle emphasized that an end to Roe would not mean the end of the pro-life movement. “The battleground will shift,” she predicted. “If Roe v. Wade is overturned and the issue goes back to the states, that means every state will have the ability to decide its own policies. And so, that’s going to be so important to make sure that states immediately put good measures in place that protect the humanity of unborn children.”

    “There will be states like New York and California that want to continue sanctioning abortion up until the moment of birth and we have a lot of work there to do to continue to show them the humanity of the unborn child and the dangers and harms to women who go through abortion and … how demeaning it is for us to tell women that they need abortion to succeed in our nation, which is a lie,” she proclaimed.



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