Home Christian Life The Secret Of Obi Cubana’s Wealth (Video)

The Secret Of Obi Cubana’s Wealth (Video)

Lessons From The Secret Of Obi Cubana's Wealth (Video)

The Secret Of Obi Cubana’s Wealth (Video)

The Secret Of Obi Cubana’s Wealth (Video)

Secret Of Obi Cubana’s Wealth

Obi Cubana is a Nigerian business mogul that shut down all social media with the groundbreaking and record-breaking burial ceremony of his late mother. The ceremony turned carnival has been in the town for over 2 weeks and still counting. It attracted a lot of shades from Nigerians within and without.

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Events and activities, the influx of celebrities, lavish spending and showoff and much more accompanied this historic event. This made a majority of onlookers and online observers conclude that the sources of wealth of these men are questionable.


However, this article is centred on the lessons believers and Christians can learn from the inspirational story of the man in question, In an interview with BBC, Obi Cubana cleared the air with this 12 min video and dropped a sound message to every young champ out there.

Read The Secret Of Obi Cubana’s Wealth

Also, He explained that all the lavish spendings were made by well-established men and women in their various field. He shared a stunning and inspiring story of how he moved from grass to grace from zero to a celebrated name globally now. After his graduation from the university without a job, he ventured into business and started building his empire.

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Lessons from Cubana’s success story is worthy of sharing. Today the world is talking about his affluence and wealth but there are key things to note.



Listed Below Are The Lessons From The Secret Of Obi Cubana’s Wealth

 1. He Started Small

He shared a story of his humble beginning. He didn’t come from a very wealthy family as people say. He graduated from UNN and served in Abuja where he started his journey. He looked for a white-collar job like every other average Nigerian Youth and got none. Then he ventured into house agency and began to make some strides until he bagged his first million from a contract.

2. He Had Setbacks But Didn’t Give Up

It was not a one time hit for Obi Cubana. He also had some failures and setbacks but he never gave up. Then he ventured into several businesses to make a profit.

3. He Was Focused And Determined To Make It

Obi Cubana kept the spirit alive and kept pushing till he made his first million. A lot of youths today would be distracted and discouraged when they are faced with a single setback. He was focused on his goal to make it in the land. Remain focused on reaching your goal.

4. He Is A Christian And Believer And Not A Ritualist.

Obi believes in prayers and fasting, but more in the power of Hardwork. From the video, he takes his devotion serious and believes in the grace and help of God. But, much more in hard work and diligence. He said no pastor gives you money, nether any native doctor, You must work hard. He debunked the rumours his associates and friends were into shady businesses, and rituals he said those men started from somewhere before reaching that peak. No ritual or occultic source in his wealth.

5. He Believes In Building Relationship And Connection

According to Obi Cubana, he had a circle of friends who were also amongst those that showed up for him that day. Established men and women who had been in his life and have mutually benefitted from their relationship. No doubt he has a great circle of friends who are driven to succeed and that has already been revealed.

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A man is truly rich when he is surrounded by successful people. He helped those he could help and in turn, they turned up for him when he didn’t even expect them. Learn to build solid, goal-driven, purposeful relationships and see how your life turns out.

6. He Believes In The Key Of Patience And Consistency.

Life doesn’t always work out at first trial. Sustainable wealth comes as a result of consistent and persistent efforts to make it. Youths nowadays in their 20s already feel pressured to make it before 30 years milestone. This has led so many to their untimely deaths. The quest to make it in haste at all cost, by all means, is the order of the day.

Obi Cubana says to be patient, be faithful, be loyal,  be consistent and you will hit it big in a short time




Accept Jesus Christ today and secure a life of eternal rest and Glory …

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JOHN 3: 3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God


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