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How To Overcome Depression Without Medicine Or Therapy

Tips On Overcoming Depression Effectively Without Medication

How To Overcome Depression Without Medicine Or Therapy

How To Overcome Depression Without Medicine Or Therapy


In psychology, it could be defined as a state of mind producing a serious, long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize a happy future. It is also a period of unhappiness or low morale which lasts longer than several weeks and may include ideation of self-inflicted injury or majorly suicide.

Depression is real and has taken its toll on victims leading to irreversible consequences, oftentimes regrettable losses of lives and properties. It is now ranked the No (find out in google)


From the above definition, we can all relate to the menace depression that has wrought in our world today. It is a reminder of the power of inner thoughts and silent pain and groaning. Unfortunately, this is already a major killer in our very informed society but inhabited by some deformed, depressed, and ignorant people.

Life is good or life is bad, it all depends on perception, condition of the mind, and the information we feed on. Not necessarily the situation around you, the conditions you find yourself or your environment. There is a battle, and it is won or lost in the mind.

The mind is the powerhouse, the war room, the engine room, the living room. So it is responsible for our disposition to all issues of life we all come across. If external factors alone are solely responsible for depression, the rich and famous will not be victims of depression in our society.


Therefore, there is an urgent need to deal with this menace that has eaten up the lifespan of so many ranging from the young to the old. The major concern is how youths lose their lives, sanity and health as a result of this. So let us state by looking at the factors that could lead to depression and how to deal with them.

Below Are The Causes Of Depression

  • Heartbreak;

This is the most common on the list. The majority of the victims of depression is as a result of heartbreak in their relationships. This is usually amongst youths. A guy breaks a girl’s heart by cheating or jilting. Then she finds out only to end the relationship and fall into depression. A married man finds out his wife has an affair with another man, walks to the train station and jumps onto a moving train to end his life. That will leave the wife with no other option than to move in with the other man.

To experience heartbreak is no crime because we all go through it once in a while. How we manage the situation is what matters the most. Heartbreak is not only for couples or people in romantic relationships. It could also happen among close friends, business partners, family members a broken trust or disappointment.

  • Failure;

This is another factor that leads to depression in our society. Failure is the first trial of success. People fail in many ways and failure is not judgment until we deal with it wrongly. For instance, a student who fails in an examination for the fourth time after putting much effort falls into depression.

A problem appears to be insolvable after all known methods have been applied. Failure to meet the requirements for, approval of a project, promotion, being on a team and so on, could lead to depression.

  • Rejection;

Especially from people that matter to you and/or your career and business, or people you look up to for guidance and help. Your peers, friends, family, colleague, neighbours, rejecting you could be a lot to take in. When we are rejected we feel so lonely and our self-worth is battered. If not properly handled could result in depression.

  • Sickness/Accidents;

that seems incurable, or very expensive to maintain and the means is not readily available. The stigma comes with and all could lead to depressions and hopelessness. Accidents that leave one deformed and incapacitated, or confined to a spot, handicapped, and helpless can lead to depression.

  • Mistake/Errors/ shame

Mistakes that could lead to a life of regret and bitterness, shame, if not handles properly can lead to depression. You keep thinking about how you missed it and wish you could turn back the hands of time.

  • Death of a loved one

The loss of a dear loved one.


Continuous Sobbing and Moaning Loss of appetite, Loneliness Dissatisfaction, Resentment, Confusion, Un-forgiveness, Distrust, Hate; to oneself and others, Pessimism, Regret, and murmur, Soliloquizing, Denial of regular pleasures, and fun, Irrational thoughts, Loss of passion, Secrecy etc

These and many more are the symptoms of depression. Victims of depression are dern in nature. They do not always speak out and this is why it is dangerous to fall into this trap. We have seen the causes and symptoms, now let us look at how to overcome depression.

Below Are The Ways To Deal With Depression Without Medicine Or Therapy

Every problem has a solution. A problem lingers when the solution is not applied or wrongly applied. Let us see how we can properly avoid or control this matter.
First, we must know that,

  • It Is Bound To Happen, Brace For Impact

We must be prepared for it because life is not a bed of roses. Life comes with its ups and downs, highs and lows. Be ready for disappointments from people close to you because humans are the most complicated species to deal with.

Like in the Movie, The Last Ship, when an enemy ship launches a missile attack that is unavoidable, Captain Chandler cries out to the crew ‘BRACE FOR IMPACT’. Likewise in this journey, there is a need to brace for impact at some points because you can’t always avoid the blows. This mindset will enable you to go through the next stage, as to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  • Critical Analysis On The Event

We must know that the battles are first concluded in the mind. A critical analysis should be carried out on the very act or circumstances that led to the breakdown. This is very difficult for some people especially the emotionally influenced or controlled species.

The truth is, there is a need to critically analyze situations. Emotions are unstable, feelings could be influenced by the environment or mood. It is therefore not advisable to bank on an unstable matter.

In order to get the best out of every situation, an analysis should be made before further measures are taken. Take away any sentimental or personal attachments to the individual or situation. This does not apply to the loss of a loved one, in that case, stay around true friends that will mourn with, and console you.

  • Be Optimistic, Tomorrow Would Be Better

Analyze the situation and find the difficult but positive reason why it happened that way. This does not always apply to the loss of a loved one, but sure does apply to every other case. Optimism is a strong therapy against the menace of depression, pessimism is a trigger to depression.

Be optimistic in every situation even when it doesn’t go as planned. Think of everything as something good that will always come out of it in the end. This mentality will channel your thoughts towards making productive decisions after a sad experience or event. An optimistic person will not go for the rope after a pitfall. They will always find a reason to live and to fight another day.

People with high optimism about the future holds a lookout for positivity in every situation. This is the quickest way to come out of depression. If you don’t feel good about yourself today feel better because your tomorrow will be greater. Maybe you have been jilted, broken, abused, abandoned, deceived and so on, always know that Gold must first go through fire before it is of value. The future holds a much better package than what the present is bringing to the table.

When you lose your life, health, sanity, for the sake of someone’s inability to see your worth, you are only doing yourself harm. When you go for rope, you have lost hope, and people will only think about you for a while and move on with their lives. But, before you do that, have you ever thought of your unborn kids, dreams, and aspirations that the world could forever remember as your legacy.

If a guy disappoints you and you are thinking of taking your life, you are foolish because he will end up with another lady and forget about you in a hurry. There is no second chance in the grave. Instead of taking your life, take a walk to the hospital and see how much people are fighting to see another day. No one is worth dying for, but you, and that is why Christ died for you, don’t die for someone AGAIN!!!!!


Read the article FORGIVENESS IS FREEDOM and learn how to let go of hurt and pain. Learn to forgive yourself and others this is Healing.
Finally, pray to God for Help in the time of need. By strength shall no man prevail. It is good to know to handle these things but it gets to a point where all you need is prayers.


Controlling it is what matters
It will never leave till you let it go
The future holds a much better package for you SAY NO TO DEPRESSION

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