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When To Say It’s Over In Relationship And Marriage

When To say it's over in relationship and marriages

When To Say It’s Over In Relationship And Marriage

When To Say It’s Over In Relationship And Marriage


What is a Deal Breaker ??

DEAL BREAKER: The limit or extent to which a partner or participant in a joint venture can no longer continue the contract, agreement, deal or project as a result of an occurrence or event.


In relationships, deal-breakers vary to individuals. Like the saying goes one man’s food is another man’s poison.


We will discuss a few deal breakers from real experiences but we would love you to add yours at the comment section below if absent. Sometimes, these attributes surface at the beginning of a relationship and many times when it’s already getting more serious. In the beginning, it all seems rosy but when the going gets tough, the tough get going

Our focus is on relationships between lovers and partners or friends, so we limit it to the emotional and mental demographic.

  1. Infidelity

To some folks, especially the female gender, a cheat for a man breaks the deal. If a man is caught cheating red-handed or even on Assumption the deal is off.  The male gender also doesn’t tolerate this flaw but it appears to be more of a masculine flaw these days although women are good at this too.

Do all men cheat ???? Find out on Our next article.

Some ladies can never forgive a cheat while some can let it slide, reasons could be:

  •  It’s his /her first time
  •  I don’t wanna lose him/her
  •  The circumstances he/she found himself/herself led to it
  •  I think he loves me but it’s the nature of men to cheat
  • I make mistakes too so I can forgive him/her
  •  I don’t really love him we’re in this for mutual benefit
  • For married folks, if divorce is not an option we must work it out ….

The list goes on and on and on.  Some folks can not deal with a cheat and let it slide …. Is this you ???

When To Say It’s Over In Relationship And Marriage

  1. An Abusive Partner 

Another deal-breaker here is abuse both physically and mentally. An abusive partner is a no-no for a lot of folks. Although this is gender centred on the men as abusers, some men also get abused by their female partners.

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A Lady said, “the moment he raises his hands to hit me while dating the deal is off, I walk away“.  Another said, “I need a man that can beat me and correct me because sometimes I could misbehave and need to be dealt with”.

Funny right ?? What do you think ?? So much for the Unpredictable heart of man

  1. Lies and Insincerity

This calls the deal off most time for partners who hate lies. It’s quite similar to cheating but a little different because of denial and acceptance of wrong goes a long way in Relationship. When a.man agrees he cheated and begs for mercy, the partner might likely forgive him if she sees sincerity and repentance…and vice versa. But, a perpetual liar in all is a deal-breaker for many

  1. Disrespect and Love Lost

Disrespect to the male gender breaks the deal most times and practically all the time a man’s problem with his woman is lack of respect.  So much for the ego of man, not willing to be bruised. All men Love their dominance and respect, fully implement and accepted. Same for some women though but not always, rare cases though not viral.


Love lost, he doesn’t love me anymore I can’t force myself on him. He keeps pushing me away, this was not how we used to be I’m done. Yeah, ladies sometimes quit when they don’t feel loved anymore or have doubts that their partner is no longer interested

  1. A Criminal Trait

I can’t cope with a criminal, a thief, scam, burglar, fraud, addict, convict and so on… Once some folks find out the dark side about their partners it’s a done deal. While others love to ride with the devil

  1. Premarital Sex…

For Unmarried couples, this is a MAJOR ISSUE. How do we date and stay together having feelings for each other and not have sex ???  But some folks keep their faith and maintain this order and which calls the deal off in some cases when a partner tries to go against it.

This is a deal-breaker for true believers in the Christian Faith but not many have the guts for it.

Most time pressures are from the male to go down but a woman who’s pride or dignity is not tampered with find it difficult to succumb easily…

When To Say It’s Over In Relationship And Marriage

Although many don’t see premarital sex as the evil it sure is.

When you’re not tied to a man in nuptial bliss there is enough tendency you won’t end up at the altar.

Thus,  if you will have to date 6 guys before the right one comes and they have access to your space how much of sex will you have given before you meet your husband. Although some don’t dignify their body sex is just an exercise but it sure is MORE than that.

But Think about this, When and If You finally get married and/ or you find yourself in a position that demands respect and dignifies you, can you demand respect from a man that has slept with you countless times?




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