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4 Business Can Never Fail Even In Recession – Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman 16 September 2021 | Thursday Morning Message

4 Business Can Never Fail Even In Recession – Joshua Selman

4 Business Can Never Fail Even In Recession – Joshua Selman

It’s no new news that the present academic recession that is roaming every sector of Nigeria’s economy has affected many new and old businesses. The good news is that Apostle Joshua Selman has revealed some business which he said would stand recession. He termed them recession-proof business.

Apostle Joshua Selman is the president of Koinonia, a ministry based in Zaira, Kaduna state, Nigeria which blessing millions of lives within and outside the country. In his message, he pointed out that there are streams of income that will boom whether there’s a recession or not. However, before he started he read out a portion of scripture addressing the issue of some people having one source of income.


Ecc 11:2 “Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land”. (NIV).

The man of God used the above Bible passage to explain how dangerous it is to have only one stream of income. “Please nullify that saying which goes thus, ‘Gather your eggs in one basket’, it’s wrong! What if something happens to the basket? You will start again”, he advised.

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We went straight to the point and enumerated the four businesses that will never fail as follows;

4 Business Can Never Fail Even In Recession – Joshua Selman

1. Land business.

“This is one of the trivialized by most people. Do not tell me you’re rich when you don’t have a land of your own. A proof of your wealth is representing in one of your fixed assets and one of it is Land. Do not live big when you have not acquired one”.

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He pointed out that land comprises of anything that has to do with what is on the land, in the land and above it. No business will stand without the land factor.

These are some of the things that you can do with land and you will make streams of money;

A. Selling it.

You know how cost lands are sold now. Imagine having one and a company is requesting for the price.

B. Build houses for rent.

“This will keep giving you money until you’re dead and it will continue with your children. The higher the recession, the higher the house rent. Do not be deceived, people must always look for where to sleep and do their businesses”, he pointed out.

C. Build schools and educational facilities (libraries, book store, etc)

4 Business Can Never Fail Even In Recession – Joshua Selman

D. It can be used to build companies and factories.

2. Education.

“The Bible says, ‘Before the coming of Christ, knowledge shall increase on the surface of the earth’, anything that you can give out that has the capacity of transmitting knowledge is a guarantee for streams of income. Do not fold your hands and say this is not what it looks like”.

“Imagine of this was a business seminar, do you know how much I would have made for every single person seated here? That’s it. You must be very creative. Do be one of these people who are just looking for what to write. Look at ‘The Purpose Driven life’ by Rick Warren. That book sold tens and thousands of millions of copies to a point that a workbook has to be made for it. That’s how much that can be guaranteed by education”, he revealed.

4 Business Can Never Fail Even In Recession – Joshua Selman

He asked people to maximize their time and think in order to create, write and speak what people will love to buy with their money. Whether your lube in a hole they will look for you provided you have what they need. “Recession or no recession, people will look for what to read that will bless their lives”, he said.

You can run online classes, tutorials and so. The uniqueness, creative and excellent quality of your information will bring people from all over the world.

3. Your Job.

Do not throw your job away until you have done the following:

A. Had a well-documented plan of your life with strategies for its accomplishments.

B. Planned on the next business to enter and have saved enough money for it.

“Your job has a way of reducing most of your loads as you begin to do something about your next line of action after the job. That you’re an employee doesn’t mean that your life will end there”, the man of God noted.

Present-day billionaire, Robert T Kiyosaki worked for someone before he planned out and began his own business. While you work you could devise other means of getting income. No matter what happens, you have a sure fixed amount that will always come in every month.

You can also add online business. After worming in the day you could work 3hrs at nights to add up.

4. Transportation

“This is one of the businesses that can supply you money in good or bad economic states. Ask the drivers about what happens during festive periods. No matter how bad the economy is, people must move from one place to another”.

4 Business Can Never Fail Even In Recession – Joshua Selman
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“Our parents are still wallowing in poverty because they don’t know this. When their arrears came, they used half of it to eat and drink. This would have bought a good Volvo for transport work. I know of a Keke man who earns a minimum of N12,000 every week. Stop deceiving yourself with oil and gas, you will need billions to buy a plot of land that has its deposits, get a taxi and see how much you will make after one year”, he advised.

You can either buy for someone to drive for you or you drive by yourself if you don’t have any other thing doing. To not fold your hands and be blaming God.

Finally, he advised people to do anything within the reach to avoid anything called borrowing.

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