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7 Things Christian Singles Should Know Before Marriage

7 Things Christian Singles Should Know Before Marriage

7 Things Christian Singles Should Know Before Marriage

7 Things Christian Singles Should Know Before Marriage

What Christian Singles Should Know Before Marriage

The moment you come of age, people always expect a change in status from single to married. This sometimes mounts unnecessarily pressure and leads to hasty/harsh decisions to please society. Marriage is a lifetime decision that should not be based on the demands of others but on the purpose of the marriage itself.

Today singles rush into it without any clue of what they are getting into. Just a pre-wedding shot on BellaNaija is enough to make a lady start thinking about getting married soon. While some cannot even keep a stable friend in their life because of their character they are really wishing someone would love them for who they are.

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Marriage is far deeper than that. It’s a lifetime journey with ups and downs whether you like it or not.

On this page, I would share 7 tips a single person should know before walking down the aisle with that picture-perfect crush. These tips are very important and would save a lot of stress for you in marriage but of course not overcoming everything. But, I’m so sure would go a long way

Below Are The Things Christian Singles Should Know Before Going Into Marriage

  • 1. Know Yourself 

The first on the list is a good knowledge of yourself. Many young people don’t know what they want, who they are, what they need, what they can offer. The list of their wants is practically based on what has been watched online, following social media motivators and what have you.

When you ask a lady for the kind of man they want they most times say God-fearing but in an actual sense don’t understand or mean that.

Know Your response under pressure, know your choices amidst options, know your Flaws in progressive actions. Know what you stand for, Know where you get things wrong. Not just what you eat or drink and all know the vital things you overlook. Are you reasonable in your disposition? Compassionate? Correctable? Teachable? Responsible t? Accountable? Know these things.

Know your driving force, Know your goals and a vision for your life, career and marriage.

Also, Know yourself, know your plan and be ready to defend it anywhere. When you know yourself and know where you get things wrong, you’re a step away from being a better person. Know yourself and don’t give your partner the headache of trying to figure out who you are when you don’t even know…

  • 2. Know Your Partner

The knowledge of your partner goes a long way to having a successful marriage. There are so many things you should know before marriage that would be vital in the marriage:

Below are 4 things about your partner you should know : 

Goals; Know the plan and vision for that partner of yours. Do you fit into it? Does he or she have any? Know their ambitions, dreams, aspirations. Know their mission and position bout the journey you are about to embark on. Singles must have a concrete plan about their life and not just live on assumption. Ask questions like how many children? what’s your plan? How do you want to achieve this?  RUN away from those who don’t know anything about themselves.

7 Things Christian Singles Should Know Before Marriage

Choices; Everyone has what they prefer or admire or appreciate and fantasize. Know what makes your partner smile and what he or she is ready to stand for or stand by.   Like their opinion on issues and their verdict. Their line of thought and belief system, dressing and preference, meal and so on. This is why there is courtship for you to spend time together and not to have sex every second because when you enter the marriage sex won’t keep you afloat.

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Health conditions: Their health records and history. Blood Group and Genotype, underlying ailment if any, allergies if any, hereditary illnesses if any. Thousands of homes have been broken because of certain known health conditions that were not revealed before marriage and later surfaced  Do well to know about their health status before jumping to the altar. Go for tests together.

Weaknesses; You must know your partner’s weakness and see if you can deal with it.  It’s very important because you will live with these weaknesses all the days of your life. Think about the long run if that temper is ok for you to live knowing you will step on each other’s toes.  Or that stubbornness that refused to calm down or the white lies and all. Come to terms with these and make a resolute decision to go ahead or stop.

7 Things Christian Singles Should Know Before Marriage

Although they say people change once they get married, it’s not always a complete change; it’s only been a mirage all the while you were together. No pretence,  show what you have so you can either work on it or go your own way.


Other things like hobbies, food, fantasies also play a major role but they are always really easy to spot. This is because they are the part of us that we feel safest to share.

  • 3. Know Their Family 

Marriage is between two people true, but the truth is it’s between two families, upbringings, culture or beliefs. People say it’s just me and you against the world to an extent it sounds cool but in reality, it’s not so. Families make you what you are and who you reflect on where you come from.

The choice you make to do better than your background is because of the background you come from. Indirectly we are products of the background. You either choose to be like them or not to be like them.

Know the family your partner is coming from. Their ways of life, belief, culture and so on. That Man has been in that setting for ⅓ of his lifetime and would reflect in the long run if you don’t know about it.  Know the family that raised your wife and how things are done. Don’t be carried away, until things are settled don’t assume.

Don’t think like the 21st century in this regard because marriages have even failed more in this time than in the last centuries. Know the family get close to them, don’t make enmity with them before you settle down with their seed.

There would of course be times when they would give you issues normal, but don’t start a fight before the journey. Don’t stay away before the Journey. You might learn this that would impact your decision.

  • 4. Know Their Friends 

Friends are the active counsellors, playmates and pals of your partner. They often times know them better than you. Because they have been with them before you even came on board. They’ve been there through multiple partners who have shown seriousness and ended up in crashes. So they know what you don’t oftentimes if not all the time. Your partner might not give you all the details about their past, but trust me their friends were in it. Get to know their friends and how they roll and do things. These friends most of the time are kept even after marriage so get to know them.

  • 5. Know Their Job / Source of Income

You must know what your partner does for a living and have one or two ideas about it. People, especially men, relate with their sources of income as it serves as a life support system. Know what your partner does, have a glimpse of what it’s about, ask questions. This brings them closer to you and does not keep their job away from you. For a man to keep his job away from you is already keeping all activities in the job away from you and that’s risky.

Know their office, their business place,  their branch just to be informed. Don’t say you’re not interested in what he/she does, you will suffer for that in the long run.

  • 6. Know Their Pastor / Priest/ Mentor 

Get to know who they listen to and adorn. Who speaks and they listen and not respond but just obey. Get to know them and get close to them. Their approval and counsel are also as important as that of the family. These men and women have a huge impact on the life of your partner. They make up what they know and what they do most times because they have come to submit to their tutelage.

7 Things Christian Singles Should Know Before Marriage

The church or worship centre they belong to, the fellowship they relate with are all important. If not you will have to battle between your word against that of a highly revered personality to your partner. And in most cases, you end up losing that fight. Know these people and secure that passage.

  • 7. Know The Environment / Society They Live In

The environment they live in tells you how they would relate to people outside their immediate circle. The testimony of the community is something to note. In some cases, you might be head over heels for the love and affection you get whenever you’re around but, the next neighbour knows you’re not the only one that feels that way. The same goes for the guys.

Not being a spy but play safe, be smart, be a nice person to the neighbour of your partner. Don’t discuss your relationship just be nice. Don’t be arrogant and proud towards them.

If you’re one of the many that floods the house, you might just be saved by that neighbour just because you are nice.  This is not to discourage you but it’s better to be happily single than regrettably married.

Marriage is beautiful, blissful, divine when certain principles are followed.

Don’t be in s hurry, don’t be in haste, don’t die in wait. Pray to God and He would show you your partner but first, you have to be a worthy partner too. Don’t ask God to give you an Angel when you’re nothing to write home about.

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