God’s Training School | Dr D.K Olukoya

God’s Training School By Dr D.K Olukoya

God’s Training School | Dr D.K Olukoya

God’s Training School | Dr D.K Olukoya

God’s Training School By Dr. D.K Olukoya


DATE: MAY 5TH, 2021


==> I am praying that there will be somebody here who will say “Father, train my hands, train me in your school; let me be an instrument in your hands.”

God is a trainer. He can teach your hands to war and your fingers to fight. Meaning that you can learn spiritual war from God. You can learn the art of warfare training from God. God is a trainer.


And for you to become an effective battle axe in the hand of the Lord, you need to be trained. By training, we mean:

  • preparation,
  • coaching
  • cultivation
  • education
  • tutelage
  • guidance
  • teaching
  • schooling
  • sharpening
  • upbringing All these falls under the general category of training.

Occasionally, ministers get into environments where they discover that lack of training has shown up. They do not know what to do, because they were not trained to do it.

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The time has arrived now when we as believers must be highly trained spiritually and able to deploy our weapons at the shortest notice.


The process of impartation of knowledge, the impartation of principles, ideas, revelations, the impartation of skills, confidence, expertise and supervised practical activity. The process to make you develop your skills and competence.

  • God trained Moses for 40 years before he could lead Israel.
  • God trained Joseph by running him through various schools because of what he would eventually face.
  • God trained David by making somebody pursue and pursue him all over the place for years running from wilderness to wilderness, desert to desert, forest to forest.
  • God trained Elisha who poured water on the hand of Elijah and if he was not well trained, he would have missed the double portion because Elijah tried to discourage him.
  • God trained Paul.
  • God trained Joshua under Moses. The tougher the training, the better it becomes. So God has a training school.

The God’s Training School | Dr D.K Olukoya

I counsel you to be a member of the training school of the Almighty. If you are willing to, raise up your right hand and shout:

==> O God arise and make me your battle axe in the name of Jesus.

God is training us to be work eagles and the earlier we become those kinds of eagles, the better for us. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

God wants us to become eagles. It is time for God’s people to pick up speed. God is now calling us to a new level of warfare. We are supposed to be like that eagle.


The eagle is not a ground bird at all. God wants all Christians to mount up with wings as eagles.

==> I am praying for somebody here today, that the power to mount up with wings as eagles, receive it in the name of Jesus.

There are many kinds of eagles in the house of God. The first kind of eagles you find is called PLEASURE EAGLES.

  • The pleasure eagle just flies about, just enjoys the lazy days of life.
  • He lives a pampered life of no work at all.
  • He lives a life of just playing.
  • He does not like to do anything strenuous.
  • If he does anything strenuous, he will spend the whole day sleeping.
  • The pleasure eagle can eat, sleep, run around and eat more.
  • It is just a symbol, not a true eagle.
  • The pleasure eagle is never in a hurry, and will be stopping at every distraction.
  • They attend church.
  • Whenever there is a spiritual event, they rush there.
  • Sometimes, when they invite a comedian or popular musician, they come to church.
  • They come there in large numbers. Anytime they are talking about breakthroughs, they come there in large numbers.
  • When they are talking about holiness, righteousness, discipleship, they run away.

The God’s Training School | Dr D.K Olukoya

  • Whenever there is a program that involves free food, they are easy to counsel to attend.
  • The pleasure eagles in the house of God do not carry responsibilities.
  • They will not carry any load if they can avoid it.
  • They just hang around in the house of God. • They feel safe when nobody is telling them what to do.
  • They may be spirit-filled but they achieve very little for God.
  • They can spend 365 days of the year looking after their hair and skin but not looking after their spirit man.
  • They accumulate both useless and useful dresses.
  • They are makeup freaks.
  • They glitter on the outside, but the inside is dirty and powerless.
  • You cannot find pleasure in eagles among prayer warriors.
  • You can not find them among those cleaning the church.
  • You cannot find them in children ministry. You cannot find them at all-night prayer meetings.
  • They do not go to house fellowships.
  • They do not go to group meetings.
  • They do not go to prayer meetings.
  • The pleasure eagles are quick to change church if they feel that something is not working well for them.
  • Anytime they see an opportunity for titles and positions, they go.
  • They fail to realise that there can be no growth in Jesus if you want to live a comfortable life.
  • They seek miracles without genuine change of heart.
    Beloveth, these pleasure eagles will roast in hellfire.
    These are the first kinds of eagles that you find in the house of God.
    There is a second kind of eagle that you find in the house of God. We call them SHOW EAGLES. Also known as SHOW GLASS EAGLES.

    God’s Training School | Dr D.K Olukoya

  • Very proud, they look good outside but the inside is something else.
  • They call themselves handsome and beautiful people.
  • They dress for a show-off.
  • They display things openly for people to comment.
  • They come to church but they are not truly broken.
  • Their heart is always seeking after the approval of men and not the approval of God.
  • They want men to recognise their reward but not God.
  • The body of Christ is so full of show eagles.
  • Those who just do things to satisfy others.
  • Those who do things to impress others, not to impress God.
  • They aspire to take glory over what everybody else is doing.
  • They prefer to go to churches where they are pampered and noticed.
  • These show eagles do a lot of damage to the church of God.
  • They try to steal the glory of God and it is impossible to do so.

We cannot expect God to use us if we do not come down from our showplace and humble ourselves so that God might be glorified in our lives.

It is sad but it is true that 75% of those who come to the house of God are made up of Pleasure Eagles and Show Eagles because many people do not have the heart of servants.

The God’s Training School | Dr D.K Olukoya

You say “why are they telling us this at a manna water service?” The situation of the world now is getting more dangerous. It is getting mad, like the Bible is saying that at the end of the day, in the last days, the world will become mad.

Madness all over the place. Killings all over the place. Shedding of blood all over the place and all kinds of horrible things are happening all over the place. Even believers are being wasted. We can therefore not afford not to become His battle axe; not to allow Him not to train us, so that we can confront the eagles that are now confronting us.

I am praying for somebody here tonight who will say “Father, make me the proper eagle. Make me your champion. Make me your battle axe. Make me the person who will make a change. Who will make a difference? Make me a person who will broadcast Christ.”

When you are a show and a pleasure eagle, in that place of work, they do not recognise you as a Christian. In that place of work, you are a bad example of the MFM. In that place of work, you are an example of somebody that cannot lay claim to Christianity.

The God’s Training School | Dr D.K Olukoya

It is a disgrace when employers want to employ people and say “where do you go?” And you reply ” I am from Pentecostal church”. They ask “so you are born again?” You reply “yes”. And they say “all the people we employ who are born again are the ones stealing here.” This is a disgrace.

In the olden days (the early 60s), when they are looking for honest people, people who will work in sensitive places, they approach pastors to look for such people. But now, no pastor is so confident to push anybody anywhere because it is the so-called born again the man that will start the fornication there.

He will be the first one to start stealing there.

There are even many so-called born again Christians. in prison even as we speak. No wonder there is so much powerlessness around. Some come to the house of God like this, their heart is hard as iron. No matter what is said to them, they have commonised God. They are not taking God seriously.

Tonight, I throw out an appeal to all who are listening to me here. It is better to teach a man to fish than to be giving him fishes. This kind of teaching is to teach you how to fish and to be able to fight for yourself.

  1. Power from above that cannot be insulted, fall upon me now in the name of Jesus!

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