Home Christian Life The 4 Major Capitals Required For A Successful Business

The 4 Major Capitals Required For A Successful Business

The 4 Major Capitals Required For A Successful Business

The 4 Major Capitals Required For A Successful Business

The 4 Major Capitals Required For A Successful Business

Capitals Required For A Successful Business

When you think about starting your own business in any field, one of the things that come to your mind is CAPITAL. When people say I don’t have the capital to start this or that, 99% of the time they are talking about money. Ideas and dreams have been taken to the grave because the Dreamers only see the capital required to execute them as money

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Money is the least of the requirements needed to build a successful business venture. They are 4 Main capitals required to build a successful business and money is the last on the list 

In this article, I would share the 4 main capitals and explain how they are pivotal to having a successful business. 

Below Are The Four (4) Major Capitals Required To Run A Successful Business In Any Field 


  • 1. Spiritual Capital – Divine Direction

This is the first and most importantly the foundation for success. Getting the divine direction and affirmation on a business to venture into is the most important capital. The journey of success doesn’t start with a step but a defined direction.  If you’re fast and running in the wrong direction you would end up returning to the starting point. Direction is better than speed. Find out what is your area of calling, what business suits your gift before you go into it. 

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Know where you’re heading to, not all businesses suit you. Not because a business is booming in someone’s sphere you must go into it, you might fail.  The first capital is Divine direction, seek the face of God and know what will work for you. 

  • 2. Intellectual Capital –  Skills & Knowledge 

Now that you have secured divine direction, build and expand your knowledge base. Don’t rely on your talent, go for training, build your skillset, don’t be redundant. People remain at a spot for years because they refuse knowledge even though they got the right direction to start the business. God will give you the job but it’s your responsibility to keep it.  Study to show yourself approved.  (2 Tim 2: 15) When God calls you, your study will approve you. 

Build Capacity, expand, be updated, evolve, don’t remain in the past methods of getting things done. There are better ways to do things in that field.  Get more knowledge. If you refuse knowledge God will reject you. (HOSEA 4:6)

  • 3. Social Capital – Network and Relationships

Create a network of purpose-driven people. Don’t mix yourself with redundant, backward thinkers. Make friends with like minds, great thinkers, business-minded people. Discuss, rub minds, share ideas, have a circle of businessmen and women as friends.

Connect and interact with successful people in your field. Build a healthy business relationship. If you want to be great, move with the great, if you wanna be great think like the great. If you stay too long with dull people you will lose your drive. (PROV 19: 4)

  • 4. Financial Capital – Money 

Money answereth all things just as the Bible says ECCL 10:19B. Financial capital has its importance and this cannot be overemphasized. There is power and result when money is put into the right place. However, the first three capitals are vital because with only money as your capital you will still fail in business. Money is the icing on the cake when you have these 3 capitals with you. 

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There are people who have the money but can not successfully manage a business for 2 years and while some don’t have all that money and doing great. 

In conclusion, go and start that business you have in mind. Don’t wait for the money capital, Get Divine Direction, Learn the Skill of the Business, Connect with the right people and Put in the Money

You are on Your way to A Successful Business Empire ….

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