Kenneth Copeland Devotional

Kenneth Copeland Devotional 21 June 2021

Kenneth Copeland Devotional 21 June 2021

Kenneth Copeland Devotional 21 June 2021

Kenneth Copeland Devotional 21 June 2021


Kenneth Copeland Devotional 21st June 2021 From Faith To Faith- Daily Devotional

Put the Word First
Gloria Copeland

Scripture: For skilful and godly Wisdom is the principal thing…. Prize Wisdom highly and exalt her, and she will exalt and promote you; she will bring you to honour when you embrace her. Proverbs 4:7-8, The Amplified Bible


 I want to tell you the only real secret to getting ahead in this world. It’s simple. Put the Word of God first place in your daily life. “Well,” you may be saying, “I’ve heard that before. It’s no secret.” But when you understand what I mean, it could be a revelation to you.

You see, the Bible is not just a textbook, a storybook or a history book. It’s a handbook for living. It’s the wisdom of Almighty God written down so that you can apply it to your everyday circumstances.

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God says that wisdom is the “principal thing.” The principal means “first in importance.” That means the Word of God needs to occupy the place of the highest importance in all of your activities. I know from experience what an impact that can have on your life.

Twenty years ago I decided to read the Gospels and the book of Acts three times in 30 days. It seemed an impossible task at the time. With two small children and my house turned upside down from a recent move,

Kenneth Copeland Devotional 21 June 2021

I couldn’t see how I could possibly spend that much time reading the Word and still get everything done. But I set myself to put other things aside and do it anyway.

Surprisingly enough, at the end of the first day, I had accomplished more than I would have under normal circumstances. And by the end of that 30 days, I’d not only read the Gospels and Acts three times, I’d kept all my housework done, taken care of my children, and refinished several pieces of furniture to boot! I was amazed.

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You’ll be amazed at what happens in your life too if you give God’s Word priority. But let me warn you, don’t wait until you think you have the time. Satan will see to it that you never do.

Just do like I did and set other things aside. Invest your time in the Word first and that investment will soon be paying off in every area of your life.

Scripture Reading:
Proverbs 3:1-9

Kenneth Copeland Devotional 21st June 2021 was written by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, the leaders of the Kenneth Copeland Ministries ( that specializes in teaching principles of bible faith – prayer, healing, salvation and another biblical topic © 1991 Eagle Mountain International Church, Inc. aka Kenneth Copeland Publications All rights reserved

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