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Victory Yinka Banjo (17) Bags 19 Scholarship Offers Of About $5Million From the US and Canada

Victory Yinka Banjo

Victory Yinka Banjo (17) Bags 19 Scholarship Offers Of About $5Million From the US and Canada

Victory Yinka Banjo (17) Bags 19 Scholarship Offers Of  About $5Million From the US and Canada

Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin posted on her Instagram page the great achievement of Yinka Banjo, a 17-Year-Old teenager who recently got 17 scholarships worth over $5Million from the USA And Canada.

She Wrote

This exceptionally lovely young lady is a true STAR!

Congratulations to you Victory, for breaking barriers and being the unstoppable gem that God has destined you to be.


Victory Yinka-Banjo, a gifted 17-year old daughter of the House, recently made news as the Nigerian teen, who got 19 scholarship offers worth more than $5 million from the US and Canada.

She obtained college admissions into several Ivy League schools – Yale College, Princeton University, Harvard College, Brown University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Virginia (link in bio)

Victory Yinka Banjo (17) Bags 19 Scholarship Offers

Wow! |Wow! Wow! The world may be surprised but we at the House On The Rock, have never doubted the special go-getter that you are.

I rejoice with your parents, Chika and Yinka on this laudable achievement. We are so proud of you. It’s been amazing watching you grow and seeing how far God has brought you all.

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I declare that this is only the beginning! And I pray that God will guide you through the next steps of your academic journey and lead you into all He has purposed for you to be.

No matter where you are or where you find yourself, remember whose Child you are and whom you serve. Never forget that you are the daughter of the Most High God. In Him, you are immovable, unshakable and truly unstoppable.

Through Him, there is no height, breadth, depth or length you cannot attain. With Him, the world is your oyster; it is waiting for your manifestation as the Daughter of Zion that you are, and there is nothing that you set your mind to do that you cannot achieve.

We will miss you back here at home, especially the inspirational spoken word that you have recited for several years at @pauladefarasin birthday.

May the light of God shine upon your path, cause you to continue to excel and grant you peace in Jesus name. Amen 🙏🏼

Go on, and excel! 🤩🌟

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