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Why Do We Need The Bible?

Why Do We Need The Bible?

Why Do We Need The Bible?

Why Do We Need The Bible?

The Bible is the ultimate life manual and a library of books. that encapsulates the history of the Earth. The creation of the universe and as well as the end of the world. It contains stories and details of events thousands of years before present and also predicts the present and the inevitable future. It has 66 books 38 books of the old testament and 27 books of the new testament. 


The Bible describes the person of the creator God Almighty and His purpose for creation and role. in the life of humanity, The Bible is the life handbook or creators manual. handed over to mankind. God the creator makes a manual. on how to live and have life abundantly in the world He created 

It is not just about ancient stories but life lessons and a total replica of the present i.e those stories play out in our everyday life and the end result can be predictable by just looking at the manual.

Just like every manufacturer puts a manual in its products God leaves His word for mankind to make good of the world He created.

But, do we really go through the manual of every product we acquire ???

There are always details hidden in the manual of a product that the user might never know until the manual read. 

Life is a mystery, but, the creator gave a handbook to demystify the complexity of this world.

Why Do We Need The Bible?

Thus, we need the Bible:

  1. To know the Person of God 
  2. To know the person of his son
  3. To know how to communicate with the Creator 
  4. To know the history of the world 
  5. To know the purpose of life
  6. To solve issues and give a solution 
  7. To know the next step to take and the right to make.

It’s a mysterious book that has information about everything and anything that concerns human well being. It’s a living book because God is still speaking through it.

This is why the Bible is the greatest book on earth because God Himself Authpered it and the word remains relevant as long as life remains on Earth. 

We need the Bible to live in this world of cruelty and hatred 

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