How The Song Ameno By Era Became Popular In Nigeria

How The Song Ameno By Era Became Popular In Nigeria

How The Song Ameno By Era Became Popular In Nigeria

How The Song Ameno By Era Became Popular In Nigeria

Ameno By Era Has Become Popular In Nigeria

It’s no news that the controversial soundtrack talking about the meaning and inspiration behind it has become a household tune.

The song, its lyrics and content which was earlier discussed: READ HERE, has taken its toll on the Nigerian wild and nightlife youths.

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This Is How The Virality Of The Song Began


Alongside a few friends, they were the main attraction of the club when they ordered the infamous ‘casket.’

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As the gothically-clad masked undertakers dramatically brought in the four-foot casket while walking slowly, the DJ suddenly began to play ‘Ameno’ by E.R.A. As if everyone at the club knew what would ensue, they whipped out their phones to record for Snapchat and Instagram stories. Alongside the casket and the soundtrack came fireworks.

Speaking over the phone, the DJ on the night tells Pulse Nigeria that, “The song is easily suited to this occasion. It’s dramatic and slightly dark. It’s a no-brainer that we use it for the ‘casket procession.’ I only recently jumped on it myself, but the practice became popular on social media around the turn of 2021.”


How The Song Ameno By Era Became Popular In Nigeria

No doubt, the musical and sensational drive of the song could easily pierce the soul of any music lover, but the message being unknown could be a downer. However, we know that in this world of social media awareness, evil spreads faster than good. The tradition that is accompanied the song as shared above in nightclubs could practically represent the spirit it exudes.

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When the bottles start rolling in and money starts to count, clubs would tickle the vanity of the ‘spenders’ with music. This later evolved into the ‘casket culture,’ which is a special treatment of carefully curated drinks. It is meant to separate the regular clubgoers from the high spenders – again, tickling their vanity duh.

Also, some folks speculate that ‘casket culture’ was an attraction for ‘yahoo boys’ due to the spirituality of death that’s attached to it. Many of these boys are believed to be diabolical.

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How The Song Ameno By Era Became Popular In Nigeria

Those claims aren’t exactly accurate because some caskets just carry that tag, they don’t exactly look like caskets.

Although, all caskets come with eerily-dressed ‘undertakers.’ Those caskets just stand for the drinks that are about to ‘die.’

There is No doubt about the red flags that accompanies this song, but that choice is only left to the audience to make. As for me, I don’t think it’s good for a believer.


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